December 14-18, 2015


So what does that mean for band? Well, it means that you should have your Goal Sheet completed by the end of the day tomorrow. (Don't forget to get a parent signature!) We'll spend tomorrow morning and during class finishing up pass-offs, but it would be most awesome for those still needing to pass-off to seek us out before school tomorrow.


Your concert was your "final exam" grade! Whew! :) We are so proud of you - not only did everyone look great, but you were there on time, rehearsed efficiently, and performed splendidly. Thanks to all involved for helping us have an awesome concert!

So during our exam times this week, we'll actually be working on a few things. Symphonic 1 will meet in your rehearsal groups and be ready to perform their carol. We will also discuss ensembles, solos, and other "next semester items of business."

Symphonic 2, Concert and Intermediate will also be playing during that time. Everyone needs to plan on taking their instruments home following their exam time. No instruments will be permitted to stay in the Band Hall over the winter break!

Finally, please have a ride home following the two early release days. Mr. Hedrick and I have grades to complete and elementary schools to teach at so the Band Hall will not be open past about 12:40 each day.


We are so excited about our annual trip to Medieval Times on Friday! Everyone should have turned in their money and permission slips on Friday. If you still want to go, however, please notify us first thing in the morning. After that, it will be too late to add additional tickets to our large group. Remember that you are paying for everything you need on Friday night - meal, show, tax, tip, bus. However, if you'd like to bring additional spending money for souvenirs, that's up to you. Warning - do not plan on purchasing anything that requires an adult to be present (swords, knives, etc.). Yes, they sell these items at Medieval Times, but do not plan on being allowed to bring it back with you on the bus. :) You are welcome to purchase the smaller, less-Medieval souvenirs, but please keep them to yourself and be smart with them.


Tomorrow evening is the first concert of the year for our 6th graders! Join us at 7:00pm in the Large Gym if you'd like to support the future of the Viking Band. :) We could also use some helpers to set up the gym at 5:00pm, so let us know if you can help.


We will judge the lockers at 3:40pm tomorrow! Thank you for your patience since we had to postpone from last Friday. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

All decorations must go home with you at the end of the week. Thank you for helping to make the Band Hall festive!


Later this week, we'll send home more details about what to look forward to in the spring. We'll also give everyone a Winter Break Practice Challenge so that we can get started in January without missing a beat. Meanwhile, practice for your pass-offs and let's have another amazing week!