Civil war

Sophie Thomas

The battle of Antietam

General Lee gets very bold and takes the battle to the north, his purpose is to make Maryland seceed. The battle started on September 17 and is made up of 3 'parts', including Millers cornfield, Sunken road, and bloody lane. During the eight hours of the cornfield fight, 21,000 people are killed and john bell lost 80% of his soldiers. The union starts to back up and the confederate follow. after the sunken road and many confederate soldiers had lost their life, Lee retreats but McClellan does not follow causing Abe to fire him. This victory leads to the Emancipation Proclamation, allowing the freedom of slaves in the rebellious southern states. This war caused Britain to back out since it was made about slavery.

The battle of Gettysburg

The battle of Gettysburg started when the confederate army went into town looking for supplies. General Lee hoped to avoid conflict for he did not know the terrain very well, However he did run into the enemy lead by General Meade on July 1st. Four days later when Lee had left they had suffered 25,000 casualties and the union(the victor) suffered 23,000. The confederates plan was to keep them fighting until they grew tired, but Lee gets cocky from previous wins and decides to take the war into the north. This was the bloodiest battle of the whole war. On November 19, 1863, Lincoln spoke the Gettysburg address which lasted only two minutes, honoring soldiers and speaking his visions for the country. This speech was one of the most famous in American history.
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The battle of Vicksburg

On July 4th, the important river city of Vicksburg Mississippi fell under the union's control. The union(lead by Grant) had surrounded 30,000 confederate soldiers using the Anaconda plan. In may, Grant sieged the town, preventing food and supplies from reaching the confederate. The Union now has control of the Mississippi river and split the south into two. Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas were now cut off. The tide of the civil war had turned.
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