Michael Jordan

10. A champions meal

MJ ate the same meal four hours before each game, a 23-ounce New York steak and either a baked potato or mashed potatoes a salad, and a ginger ale.

9. From 45 to 23

Michael Jordan idolized his brother Larry who wore #45. He couldn't pick #45 so he picked #23 which is half of #45 rounded up to #23.

8. Perfect stand off

MJ lists Laker’s legend Jerry West as the person he wanted to play one-on-one with.

7. Back-up plan

Michael Jordan majored in cultural geography

6. Fear of water

MJ is petrified of water, he watched his friend drown to death and almost drowned himself as a kid.

5. Murder

MJ’s dad who was also his first trainer was murdered while sleeping in a car

4. Even a champion has an off day

Twice in his career he played a game in which he only scored 2 points.

3. Not number 1

Michael Jordan was 3rd pick in 1984 NBA draft

2. Put'em away early

MJ has never allowed a game 7 in the NBA finals to take place. He has won all six of his NBA finals without having to play in game 7, finishing all but one game 6

1. Changing numbers

Michael Jordan played in a game wearing #12 jersey for the Chicago bulls.


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