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First Week of School Updates

CCISD is closely monitoring the weather situation. Please pay attention to the CCISD Facebook/Instagram/Twitter feeds and your email for updates

Who is my teacher?

Families can find out a child's teacher at that time via Skyward Family Access and click on the Schedule tab. Teachers also sent out a welcome email on Thursday afternoon.

As we prioritize safety and student needs throughout this school year, we will need to make various adjustments each nine weeks. This may impact your child’s assigned teacher(s). Grade level teacher teams are in constant communication about all students’ needs in their grade and are prepared to provide students nurturing and effective learning environments

First Day of School

On Monday, August 24, all students should log into the CCISD Single Sign On (SSO) Portal and go to itsLearning. Elementary will log in at 8:15 a.m. If you have forgotten your password or if you are new to Clear Creek ISD, please visit this website for important information on how to retrieve your password, receive a password, and overall, great answers to your most frequently asked questions. Classes will be having their first online meeting at 8:15 a.m. The Teams link for the meeting can be found on the teacher's it's learning course.

Please read the Elementary checklist! K-2 students will also be using it's learning(SeeSaw will come later)

Device Insurance

With devices going home to elementary families, parents will need to consider purchasing insurance through the school district for $20.00 for the year or assume the financial cost if a device is damaged, lost or stolen. Click here for instructions on how to request insurance.

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District Technology

By Friday, August 21, families should have received a device for students in grades 4th and 5th . For families who indicated they did not have a personal device at home in grades K-3, the district has deployed all available devices. Families will need to use personal devices at home until the district receives the newly-purchased laptops in October. This includes personal laptops, desktop computers, tablets, iPads or smart phones. Campuses will be reaching out for K-3 laptop distribution when those arrive.

Virtual Parent Orientation

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