Democratic Republic of the Congo

Culture of Democratic Republic of the Congo


The diet of the people in the Congo is a lot of grown fresh things such as rice, potatos, bananas, yams, beans corn, fish, peanuts, and other fruits. The most popular sport in the Congo is soccer. The familys in the congo mainly focus on group goals and family welfare. The main holidays in the Congo include New Year's Day, Easter, Labor Day, Independence Day, Parents Day, Veterans' Day, and Christmas.


The people in the Congo are nice for the most part because they care about the welfare, but the one thing they do different from us is that they don't say please and thank you. The common languages they speak in the Congo is Lingala, Kikongo, Tshiluba, and Swahili. The peoples main religion is Christianity but about 20% of the people belong to various Protestant organizations. The Congo's population is about 58.3 million and growing.


In the Congo visiting each other is very important and hospitality is very important, but when a person visits another bringing a gift is considered inappropriate. When a person does visit the custom greeting is to shake hands, smile, and greet each other verbally. When eating in the Congo the people eat a light breakfast and the bigger meals are later in the day such as lunch or dinner.


The economy in the Congo is bad because most of the Congo lives in poverty. Not very many kids in the Congo have an education because there are very few viable institutions. The health in the Congo is very poor because they have very few physicians. In the Congo the Congo River is the nations major route for both commercial and passenger transportation.