Tokyo, The Capital of Japan

In the Land of the Rising Sun

Season and Weather in Japan

Currently in Japan, it is Spring. During Spring in Japan, the Cherry Blossum Trees are active and bloom. Usually in Spring, it is relatively windy, ranging from warm to cool air. The Highest Tempature would be 66 degrees, and the Lowest Tempature would be 37 degrees. The winds can go to a max of 15 mph, yet is relatively not very strong. It sometimes rains almost an inch, yet the sky can be clear on later days. The Avg. Humidity would be 86, yet it could go lower to 41.


Climate in Tokyo

Tokyo is a very large city, since it is the capital of Japan. The climate during the Spring is usually in the 40s Degrees F. The Celsius can go low to an 9. The reason why Tokyo has this climate is because during the Spring, it gets much cooler and windier than the other seasons. The Latitude of Tokyo, Japan is 35 degrees N, and 139 degrees E. Tokyo is prone to have Hurricanes due to it being near the ocean, where Hurricanes occur with high tides. Tornadoes can occur in Tokyo or anywhere in Japan because it is warm and it causes instability in the lower atmosphere, causing a vortex and the Tornado itself. Mt. Fuji is west of Tokyo, and it heavily effects the weather in the city. Mt. Fuji can block storms from the far west, usually preventing snowfall throughout the year in Tokyo. The mountain itself can cause high turbulence with the snow cap and clouds on top. The prevailing winds that effect Tokyo due to it's latitude is the Horse Latitude, meaning high pressure. Tokyo is by Tokyo bay, which is connected to the Pacific Ocean. The cause of this is high erosion. Tokyo Bay has both warm and cold water currents, depending on route. If Tokyo was farther inland, it's climate would not be affected by Mt. Fuji, and it would probably have more snowfall.

Contact Person

My contact person is one of my mother's friends who lives in Tokyo. According to them, the weather there wasn't really wild compared to other cities. Her parents moved to Japan from Vietnam after the full communist control of Vietnam. The predicted weather Temperature was about the same as the real temperature.