Weekly News

May 13, 2016

Beach Day

Beach Day is planned for Thursday from 2:00-3:00 weather permitting. (If it looks like there is a good chance of rain, we may move it to Wednesday but I'll let you know).

Your child will need a...

1. swimsuit

2. towel

3. complete change of clothes (including underwear)

4. plastic bag for wet clothes

Apply sunscreen at home. Ms. Hewett and I are not allowed to apply it here. (Of course if you come, you are more than welcome to apply some on your child).

Reading Assessments

End-of-year reading assessments will take place on Tuesday. Please make sure your child gets a good night's sleep on Monday night and a good breakfast on Tuesday morning. If your child will be picked up early on Tuesday, please let me know so that your child's assessment can be completed before leaving. These assessments will be administered by Mrs. Rhodes. The state mandates that we are not allowed to assess our own students at the end of the year. I have already talked with the class about what fun it will be to show Mrs. Rhodes all they have learned and what good readers they have become.

Special Visitors

Your child will join several classmates to be special visitors in another K class on Monday. I will be administering the reading assessments for Mrs. Rhodes' class that day and our class will receive instruction in another room. Your child just needs to come to our class in the morning and we will take them to their "class for the day" after the pledge. Monday is probably not the best day to schedule a lunch date with your child but if you do, let me know in advance so I can tell you what time to be there.

Take Home Books

This week is our last one for Take Home Books. All books are due by next Friday.

End-Of-Year Picnic

Our End-Of-Year Picnic will be on June 1 from 1:00-2:00. Please bring a lunch for your family. It can be a lunch you bring from home, a cafeteria lunch, or something you pick up from a drive-thru. After lunch, we will perform some songs and end with a slide show. I will send out a sign-up to see who will be able to attend. Please make sure to RSVP if you are coming or not. It is good to know who needs to buy lunch in the cafeteria (before the food is put away) and who needs to wait on a parent (if they are running late).

Ms. Hewett

Ms. Hewett is retiring at the end of this year. I was going to plan a big celebration but she does not enjoy being the center of attention. In order to honor her wishes, we are going to do a small party with just the students during the last week of school. If you or your child would like to write her a special note letting her know how much she means to you, that would be great. She will be missed!

Lunch Schedule Change

Due to EOG testing in grades 3-5, our lunch schedule will be different on May 23 and 24. Our lunch time will be from 11:45-12:15 on those days only.