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Week 19 Newsletter

Our Community Day

I have to say I am loving the uniqueness and creativity of the family interviews during our morning opening. Thanks for making them so much fun!

Fine Arts Orchestra, though a challenge today with the long intro, will begin to go smoothly as the weeks progress. Your child can practice the Orchestra Song from the CC CD's along with the President Song for this last quarter. The Presidents will be taught as a History Sentence on Week 24. If your child will be going for Subject Star in history they will want to start learning them now.

As a new community we will not need a full day for memory master/subject star proofing. As such we have elected to proof your child on Week 24-April 25th. We will make schedule adjustments, to allow time for all the proofing. For those looking at our CC calendar and planning ahead, our End of Year Celebration and last day at Calvary will be May 2nd.

Have a blessed week and a wonderful Easter as we remember our Lord!

Week 18 Lesson Plans

This is a general list of resources that your tutors used this week to introduce the Memory Work. These resources are available to all parents through CC CD's or App and CC Connected (C3) if subscribed.

History: CC Song

Latin: CC Song & C3 Visual by kbrenneman83

English: C3 Helping Verbs Song by marykbry

Science: C3 3 Ocean Zones Song by SBrooks

Timeline: CC Song & ASL Hand motions by RafikiPaka

Math: C3 Area of a Triangle by marykbry

Geography: CC Maps in Foundation Guide & C3 Original Colonies Song by mnkricau

Week 19 Book & Video Correlations

Here are some resources to supplement this week's memory work. These are great if your student wants to learn more and or needs to do some reading.


  1. Amazon Prime: Must See Places of the World: Mystic Lands
  2. Amazon Prime: Global Treasures: Balcony House Colorado
  3. Usborne Who Were the First North Americans
  4. Youtube: The Anasazi Civilization


  1. Amazon Prime: Popular Mechanics S4 E5 in Deep Water
  2. Amazon Prime: Nova S5 E12 Extreme Cave Diving
  3. Usborne Geography Encyclopedia p.70-71
  4. Usborne Under the Sea
  5. Youtube: The Three Ocean Zones


  1. ---Computer Review Game
  2. Usborne History Encyclopedia p323

Fine Arts:


Map Challenge

As a community our goal is to trace 5,000 maps this year. Remember to encourage your children to trace maps daily. This can include tracing the weekly memory work features, tracing whole continents, tracing the world map, and even blobbing.

Our current number is: 4,652!!!!! You all rock!!!!!!

Important Dates

March 28: Community Day 20 -- Lunch & Learn Portfolios & Games

March 30: Field Trip: Philadelphia Museum of Art

April 4: Community Day 21 -- Open House

Week 20 Presentations

Each week a family is selected to give a 5 minute presentation during the morning opening. It can be about anything they would like to share with the group about their lives, interests, history, hobbies, etc..

Family Presentation: Zabara Family presents on Trusty Family

Each week the students will also give a 2-3 minute presentation to hone their public speaking skills. We provide suggestions for each week, but ultimately it is up to the parent.

Student Topic Suggestion: Tell us about a place you have been-Bring a picture and tell us something interesting about a place you have been!

Student Skill: Expression- Gestures: Use body movements to enhance your presentation

Encouraging Video of the Week

Classical Conversations- Challenge Program

Tip to Homeschooling Classically

Sayers was right about the fact that we’ve lost the tools of learning; the three skills of the classical trivium (grammar, logic, and rhetoric) are no longer taught to the majority of kids. We need to embrace authentic classical education which taught a child how to read, think, write, and speak. We need to give ourselves permission to drop the twelve-year, public school paradigm. We need to pay attention to our kids’ learning styles, and teach these three essential skills (language, critical thinking, and communication) in a way that brings them to trivium mastery.

Once they’ve mastered the three skills of the trivium, they will be equipped with the tools to learn anything. When you’ve recovered the lost tools of learning, you candive deeply into the subjects that interest them most and tell a customized story of your unique teen through the academics, honors, community service, and extracurriculars of the high school transcript.

-Diane Lockman

Enjoy the Homeschooling Process!

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