The Thumb Game

An Interactive Game for Spelling created by Jess Smith

Details and Directions:

Intended for 5th grade:

-Standard L.5.2e: Spell grade-appropriate words correctly.

-Objective: Students will be able to spell their vocab list correctly in order to win.

This is a 2-person game, and a third person is needed in order to read the spelling words to the players. Both players should put their thumbs at each start circle. The reader will read the first word to Player 1, and each time he or she gets the word correct, they can move their thumb to the next circle. Player one will continue spelling words and moving his thumb as long as he gets the words correct. However, once he misses a word, he is then required to move his thumb all the way back to where he started. Then it is Player 2's turn. Once one of the players makes it to the end circle, they then have to define two words in order to be deemed the winner.

No materials necessary to use this! Only the game board and players are needed!

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How to Create Game Board:

It's super simple!

Materials needed: glue, pen/sharpie, hole punch/ stickers, and construction paper.

I just took an 8.5 x 22 piece of paper (or you could tape together two regular sized pieces), and then I punched out 50 circles (25 for each player). I glued those on, and wrote start and finish for each player's half. Then I wrote the title and directions on the game board! And then you're done! Congrats!