I Persevere

By Collin Searls


Perseverance. What does that word mean to you? Perseverance is doing something difficult despite difficulty or delay to achieve success. It's the hard work that pulls one through their hardest times.

Others choose not to persevere because they think the obstacle is impossible. It depends on the point of view to persevere and succeed. If one believes the obstacle is impossible to overcome, they will not succeed. Others, who choose to make the impossible, possible, they are the determined, and resilient ones, the ones who succeed

Nick Vujicic and Leroy Sutton- Limbless

Nick Vujicic and Leroy Sutton both experienced similar adversities and triumphs in life that made them who they are today. Though, there are some differences in the adversities they faced. They both lost use of their legs, but Nick was born without legs and arms. The doctors had no idea why. Leroy was born with his arms and legs, but one day, he was walking and he got pulled on the some train tracks and his legs got crushed. He lost his legs. Nick and Leroy both was faced with the adversity of not being able to walk, but in different ways. Their experiences after they both lost their legs were different as well. Leroy became friend with a boy named Dartanyon, and he carried Leroy everywhere he went, and supported him in everything he did. Nick, on the other hand, had no one to support him, and was bullied because he was different. He often was alone and suffered from Depression. But both Nick and Leroy’s lives turned around. They both went to college, and had a great education, and eventually, both Nick and Leroy had kids with a women and got to raise lovable children. Both Nick and Leroy’s lives were hard, but they both turned out okay.

Losing To Win- How to Overcome Some Adversity

In the video Losing to Win, the young girls who go to Carroll Academy are faced with many hard adversities in life that they must overcome. These adversities will shape these girls into the strong women they are meant to be. But they must be able to overcome these adversities. A lot of these girls are facing with some issues at home, and it makes them scared and not having a safe place to go home to. To help overcome this problem, the girls should talk to a to a trusted friend, and they may take them in, or a trusted teacher or coach at Carroll Academy. Now, a lot of these girls play basketball at Carroll, it’s something to keep their mind off of other adversities in their life. Well, what if even basketball doesn’t go well, and they are losing at basketball games and not scoring enough points. They must practice a lot. With their coach’s guidance and the girl’s determination, they can succeed. Now, what if their problems at home get in the way of their school work and they start failing. They must talk to a to a trusted friend, and they may help them study, or a trusted teacher or coach at Carroll Academy. Well, school gives a lot of homework and tests, and how are these girls supposed to get it done and study with all the problems they are facing. The girls should go somewhere else, go find a friend to study with, go to a park, dealing with it is not the smart decision. Those can help the girls be successful in life after these hardships they face.

Typewriter Artist- Making the Best of a Situation

Paul Smith is a resident at Rose Haven nursing home. He makes amazing art pieces on a typewriter. But he is no average artist. Paul was born with extreme Cerebral Palsy, and it hinders his talking abilities, as it also hinders his movement abilities. Paul has lived at Rose Haven for more than 30 years, and he is well known, and loved by everybody there. When someone sees him, they stop and greet him, and he is friendly back, Paul is well loved by everybody and he loves them all as well. Paul has limited movement abilities, but he has developed one strong finger. With a typewriter, Paul is able to make amazing works of art, only with that finger. He uses only the top 10 keys when making his piece, and blends number symbols, and other signs on his keyboard to make beautiful pieces of art. His art pieces are hung up in the hall of Rose Haven, and everyone loves to stop and look at them. Paul Smith is an amazing person that can make amazing things, not letting his disorder get in the way.

What Will You Do?

So, all these people had the guts to stand up and get though their hard times in life. They never gave up, they kept trying, and even if they failed, they just got up and started again. What we can learn from ones who are successful to help us overcome our own adversity is that no matter what, they were determined, and never let anything get in their way of reaching their goal, and if we can know that we should never let anything get in our way, we will succeed. So this is my question for you. What will YOU do? Will you just take the easy road, get the easy way out, never face adversity in life. Or will you take the road not taken, and face the hardships, the thorns on the rose, but get you will get the better outcome. It's your choice. What will you do?