Strategies for the ACT

Learning new things


Annotating helps you find the key points in the passage you are reading. It also helps you seek out what could possibly be the answer to the question. When you annotate you underline or highlight the key particles of the passages, this way you can look back and find the right answer.


Predicting is another strategy that is useful through the whole test. This one will help you foreshadow and be able to think about what can possibly happen next.



Guessing strategy

The ACT is a timed test and you will run out of time if you try and do every question. So this is where this tool comes in to play. The guessing strategy gives you a chance to get more questions right. You must pick corresponding answers and pick those same ones for the remander of the unanswered questions.

Science Test Strategies

For the science test there are different types of passages. For some you should look at the graphs and table titles. Also you should draw arrows on charts and graphs to make connections. Look for the main points in the passages and see if they give any information. Learn how to read graphs and use the data.

Math Test Strategies

For math you can chunk the word problems. Get rid of the unneeded information and highlight the useful information. Also you should memorize the formulas and know how to work them out. Show all your work and draw out figures for the unknown.

Reading Test Strategies

Read the questions before you read the passage so you know what your looking for. Also you can skim the passage and look for the answers. if you don't understand the question reread the whole passage.

English Test Strategies

Know your vocab. Also you should read the passage fully and get to understand it. Annotate the passage and find the main points. Look for what the passage is trying to educate you on.