Leadership Infograph

By: Nicholas Arispe

What defines a Leader?

A leader is a person that stands out among a group of individuals. They give instruction and guidance to their followers. These are some traits that define a leader.

A leader helps the group but stay in an overseeing position, not as a boss but as a helper. The leader of a group shouldn't do everything for the followers but teach them and assist when necessary. But they shouldn't boss around the group and get upset when followers do something wrong.

A leader makes the hard choices for the group, but takes input from the group. The leader should take the hard choices from the group and put them on their back. But they shouldn't own the leadership position but have followers give their opinions about the matter at hand.

A leader is smart and wise, but not arrogant. A leader should be able to have a vast knowledge of many things so that trivial problems are easy for the group. But the leader should be able to admit that they are wrong in what they think.

A leader is modest but prideful. A leader needs to take pride in his/her work with their followers. But not be bragging about their accomplishments but take pride and take responsibility for their groups actions.

A leader is optimistic but not annoying. A leader should have a positive attitude at appropriate times. But when every unnecessary a leader should take the situation for what it is and not dress it up.

What type of leader are you?

For me I think that I am more of a Delegative Leader. But in the since that I split up responsibly amoungst the people I am leading. But I still like to remain in the most power (kind of like stocks). To me it is important to not take on all the work but still do something for the group, because being a leader is a difficult job. But also I think I am a lazy leader because I don't jump on opportunities that would be beneficial to the group. Then I also part laid-back leader because I don't like to enforce rule unless required.

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How does your personality style affect your leadership style and vice versa?

In my opinion leadership changes your personality. The way I see it is that they way you lead is based off how you act normally. When you lead you take yourself and shape it in a way that it appeals to your followers. So that when you lead it changes your normal personality. Also the way you lead can change your personality by making you more mature or responsible. Also when you lead you can become more greedy by the position of power.

What did you learn about yourself that you can use to grow as a leader?

I learned about what type of leader I am. From this I had time to brake down my leadership style, and take a look at what I need to change about it. I also learned about some new leadership traits that some people consider are important to them. Also with the personality test I got a detailed brake down about myself which I thought was cool. It was cool to see something that I didn't know about myself. Some other things that I found interesting was the 3 main leadership types, to me it was interesting to see some general grouping of leaders.