The Challenger Dispatch

Week 2, January 12-16, 2015

Happy New Year!!

It's hard to believe it's already the 15th of January! It this past 15 days is any indication of the rest of the year, we're in for some fast paced fun! The 100th day of school is just a week away! Very hard to believe. We're all excited to get started with PLTW. Please invite me to watch as you take off with this great program.

Internet safety

Good Morning;

Teachers, the Board of Education encourages and supports the welfare and safety of all users when using the Internet in all subjects and all facets of curriculum. The term “SAFETY” of Internet, applies to the use of accepted internet etiquette and compliance with all legal and basic ethical constraints. So if a student accesses a site containing inappropriate material, the student must immediately notify the teacher or an administrator. However every user must take responsibility for his or her use of the computer network and internet, and stay away from offensive and harmful sites. Teachers, we have useful resources on internet safety in our library, and through our school counselor, so please don’t hesitate, be proactive by placing a student in close proximity, and continue using DyKnow to monitor students as they use their digital devices. Thank you for all that you do.

Rodney Calloway

January Dates

1/14 BLT

1/13-1/15 RtI meetings

1/19 MLK Day /No school

1/20-1/23 No Place For Hate Week

1/20 ELA committee meeting

1/21 Walkthroughs/Staff Meeting

1/21-23 Pearson Math PD

1/27 Break The Grey Assembly

1/28 Science Fair /PTA meeting

1/29 Science Fair


There is one more thing we have to do before we begin teaching our PLTW modules. We need to add students into our PLTW classroom. I am attaching the directions and placing a hard copy in your box. Please follow these directions and you should be fine. I have had a couple of teachers test it for me and it works if you follow the directions. The first thing you will need to do is to login at, then you will follow the steps in the directions. Pay close attention to step #3! The best thing to do is to copy and paste the information into a Word document that you can save or print out. Also, if at any point it says there is an error, go back and try it again in a few minutes.

If you have any problems, please let me or Kim know (depending on your grade) and we will do our best to help you. The Support number is listed on the email in case you need additional help. I know how do to a few things to help, but not everything.

I know we are all very busy and have a lot to do, but this will only take about 10 minutes. Please try to have your class loaded by the end of this week.