GTA Meeting Headlines

Some key notes from our GTA meeting last night

Christmas Party

Our GTA Christmas Party is this Friday at the VFW. Party will start at 4:00. I'm in Canton for a workshop, but I'm driving all the way back up here for it, so please stop in and not leave me by my lonesome West Side self!


Your APPR SLOS are due on December 16th. If you do not know if you need to do a SLO or not, please see Charity.

GTA Newsletter

There will be a GTA newsletter starting soon. The idea of the newsletter is to keep members informed of things happening in Gouverneur and around the country. One main court case coming up in the Supreme Court is Frederich. This case will determine the constitutionality of unions, and if the court determines that unions are unconstitutional, then we are in deep trouble!

If you have news that you would like to be published in the newsletter, email Pam Mahay.

Wear Red on Tuesdays

Some of us have kept this up, but I know I for one, have pretty much forgotten to wear my "Support Public Education" shirt this year. Let's bring it back and show our support for our schools, community, and students by wearing our red shirts on Tuesdays.

GTA Get-Togethers

We would like to find more time to socialize with everybody in the union. We should be partners and know each other's names. So to that end, starting in January, on the last Thursday of each month, members of the GTA can meet at a local restaurant for a quick snack and chat.

January's place will be Gentry's. Come and have a great time with great people!

Other Key Information

Other stuff that was mentioned:

  • We are going to be revamping the GTA consitutional laws/by laws. At this point, all the wording says "he" and does not allow for women to be on the Executive Committee. It's a little out-of-date.
  • Look for information on the NYS Constitutional Convention for 2017. If this does happen, then current teacher's and future teacher's pensions could be affected.
  • If you are interested in participating in Steve Coffin's focus group, please read Mark's email about it and then let him know.