United Kingdom

By: Ezekiel & James


Country Name: United Kingdom

Capital: London

Languages: English,Welsh,Scots,Scottish Gaelic

Continent: Europe

Population: 63,742,977

Life Expectancy: 80.42

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Major city's : London, 13,614,409 people

Birmingham, 2.272 people

Manchester,2.213 people

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Average Temperature: Between 47.3 Fahrenheit and

51.8 Fahrenheit


  1. Popular Music: Classical:
  2. Religions: Christian,Anglican,Roman Catholic
  3. Government: Constitutional monarchy
  4. Sports: Cricket,Soccer,and golf
  5. Major holidays: Xmas,Shakespeare's birthday,and farm-stay holiday

Interesting facts

Unusual laws: 1.Divorces are outlawed, Info from http://www.Dumblaws.com

2.All land must be left to the eldest son.

Native animals: Tigers,white clawed crayfish,Info from http://www.allaboutwildlife.com

Mode of transportation: Trains,cars,motorcycles,lorries. Info from Http://www.woodlands-jounior.kent.sch.uk