James Monroe

"Era-of-Good-Feelings President"

Monroes life

James Monroe was the Fifth President of the United States.(1817-1825) He was born on April 25, 1758, in Westmoreland County, Virginia. He attended and graduated College of William and Mary in 1776 and later married his wife was Elizabeth Monroe in 1786. they had 3 children, Eliza Kortright, James Spence, and Maria Hester. He was well suited to be president considering he was a well educated man. Before he was a president, Monroe's occupation was being a lawyer. He was of great importance as a president. He was the last president to be a founding father, he bought Florida from Spain expanding the U.S, and he negotiated the Louisiana purchase. Some downfalls were that he presided over The Panic of 1918 and the fact that he didn't do too much about it. Other than those two examples, his presidency was rather successful.

Monroe was swagged out

His Presidency

At the start of his term the economy was great and U.S had just declared victory in The War of 1812. Most everyone was in an optimistic and happy mood, that is until the U.S fell into a depression in 1819 known as "The Panic of 1819." This depression lasted 4 years ending 1823. Monroe presided over the Missouri Compromise of 1820, this allowed Missouri to be part of the Union as a slave state. After his Presidency he was in debt and spent much of his time pressing the federal government for money that they owed him for past services. He later became president of the Virginia Constitutional Convention. He later died July 4, 1831
Monroe was popular to the people before and after his presidency. When he was first elected the nation was prospering. Mid way through it fell into a depression but by the end of his term it had been resolved. His Vice President was Daniel Tompkins, secretary of state was John Adams and Secretary of war was John Calhoun. Although he was a great president I believe he wouldn't be able to help out too much in today's world. He was great in foreign affairs but lacked solving domestic problems.