You’re no punk, so don’t get drunk.

You can hand over your beer or your life, your choice.


Alcoholism is when you have an addiction to the consumption of alcohol and you get a mental illness in which you have obsessive behavior resulting in alcohol dependence. Alcoholism is a very serious condition which today, rips families apart. Also, too much alcohol will result in fatal injuries or even death. Some consequences I\if you get addicted to alcohol are, you will lose muscle control, have impaired judgement, and stomach irritation. Read below to learn more about the affects of abusing alcohol.

Bad Health

Alcohol can cause many diseases of the body when you drink too much, one of these is getting cancer. You can get cancer in lots of places once you start abusing alcohol, some of these places include, the mouth, throat, tongue, and esophagus. Another outcome of abusing alcohol is that you can get cirrhosis of the liver. This happens when a scar tissue replaces the healthy tissue of the liver. Another affect is the killing of brain cells, you will have more difficultly walking, blurred vision, and slow reaction times.

Drunk Driving

One of the main reasons for injuries and death on the road are because of drunk drivers. Driving while intoxicated, or when you lose mental and physical capabilities, is a highly dangerous thing to do. When you are drunk, you lose control and have slower reaction times. If you start to drive while you are in this condition, you will probably crash and injure (or kill) yourself or whoever you might have hit.

Social Issues

Drinking alcohol doesn't only affect yourself, but your social life too. It could affect your job, your family, or the people around you. People who drink too much alcohol tend to be more absent during work hours or don't bother to show up at all for several days. Usually, they get fired and this sparks up new problems at home. If you are out of the job, then money is low and the family maybe can't afford to go on any longer together. They husband and wife may divorce and separate forever. Also, if people have a family member or friend who is an alcoholic they have a higher risk of drinking as well.

This site includes lots of information on how alcohol affects the body and how to prevent youngsters from drinking alcohol.

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