Callihan's Cache Tech Challenge #4

March Madness App Challenge: ThingLink

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ThingLink Tutorial

Your ThingLink Challenge (Due by March 28, 2014)

The goal of this challenge is to get you to see the potential of ThingLink in your teaching and learning. ThingLink allows users to create interactive images with "links" to text, images and video directly in your photo.

Your Mission: To create your own interactive image to share:

1. Download app and create account

2. Open app and add an image (Ex: Take "selfie" of yourself)

3. Tap the image to begin adding text and/or media. These are called your "touches"

4. Continue adding various "touches"

Your "touches" will give more information on your topic or main photo used in this sample. If you took a "selfie" then your ThingLink will look more like a "digital Portfolio" of you. See my sample here. If your main image is something related to your subject area or teaching unit, then your ThingLink will make for a great example for a student project or lesson.

After completing your "touches" click next and then save. You can now "select" that image to share (the arrow in upper right corner) via Twitter or email.

All images emailed or sent via Twitter (hashtag #ginwow) will be entered into a drawing for an iTunes card.

Feel free to follow the Hashtag here.

**Please feel free to collaborate and work with your grade/subject areas