Eagle Outlet

March 2 - March 30

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Christian Tubbs - Kudos Corner

Kyle Keehn - Club Events

Sammantha Beasely - Counselor's Corner

Ali Landers - Senior Spotlight and Communications Director

Madison Mitchell - Polls and School Events

Faith White - Fine Arts, Final Editing, and Logo

Jazmine Loya - School Events and Photography Manager

Peytons Evans - Sports

Brylee Doyle - Funnies, Marketing Manager

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Eva Durham

Who would you take on a road trip and why?.

"Clint, Hanna, and Haley because we already planned it."

What are you most grateful for?

"I am most grateful for my family and friends"

What is your most embarrassing high school memory?

"getting smoked in the face by a rock by my best friend Haley and going to prom with a knot on my forehead. fun times."

Describe you senior year in three words.

"Never doing anything."

Houston Morgan

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

"Where ever life takes me."

Describe your senior year in three words.

"Sorry I'm late."

What are you most grateful for?

"I'm grateful for my friends and family that helped me along the way."

Who would you take on a road trip with and why?

"I would like to take the whole senior class on one last run."

Mickayla Smith

What class did you enjoy the most?

“I would say I enjoyed English the most.”

What trend or fad are you most embarrassed to be apart of?

“I would say guys getting earrings.”

What life lesson(s) did you learn playing sports?

“I learned to give 110% into anything I do and to work harder when things get tough.”

If you could plan a trip anywhere for next year, Where would you go?

“I would love to go on a cruise to Mexico!”

Javan Doss

What is your biggest accomplishment?

"Passing my two college classes."

What are your plans after high school?

"Go to UACCB."

If you had one wish, what would it be?

"To have a wish."

What's your most embarrassing high school memory?

"Falling flat on my back after tilting an art chair back."

Abby Orrick

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
"I hope to have my own vet clinic and a small family in 10 years."
What will you miss the most?
"The bonds made with my teammates and picking on Molly everyday."
If you could only use one emoji for the rest of high school, what would it be?

"Sleeping emoji"
“I will always remember...”
"Sitting in the hallway eating lunch and playing cards with my friends."

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Oh what joy!

There are many events that go on at Hillcrest High School, scroll down to see what they are this month!

Backpack Program (All Year)

Please continue to support our backpack program by donating non-perishable food items any time of the year!

NO old/outdated items NO glass jars

*Donations can be taken to the office.*

Tutoring! (All Year)

Tutoring happens every Wednesday from 3:15 - 4:15 in the New Tech Building after school! We do this to help students who want to improve their grades or need extra time for homework.

*Snacks are provided*

End of Third Quater

March 11th is the end of the third nine weeks!

CPR Students!

March 16th there is a first aid/CPR meeting for the seniors.

Parent Teacher Confrence

March 19th is Parent Teacher Conference.

Spring Break

March 23rd - March 27th is this year's spring break.
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Opportunites for Learners

Tons of exciting opportunities for college, scholarships, workshops, and more.

What is it about, you ask?

The Counselor's Corner is where Mrs. Marnie talks to kids about the ACT, what they can do to prepare for it, and what choices you can make for college. If you need anything involving the ACT like practice, test prep, when the real ACT is, or even if you need help with college; Mrs. Marnie is the one to talk to. She will help you get to where you want to be in school and life.

Act Test Prep

The ACT test prep is every other week and it repeats.

Week 1 -

Tuesday - Homeroom

Wednesday - Reading Test Prep

Thursday - English Test Prep

Week 2 -

Tuesday - Homeroom/Grade check for SLT

Wednesday - SLT/IlT

Thursday - SLT/IlT

Week 3 -

Tuesday - Homeroom

Wednesday - Math Test Prep

Thursday - Science Test Prep

  • SLT - Student Learning Time - Where students that have bad grades go into a classroom and the teachers work with them.
  • ILT - Independent Learning Time - Where students who have good grades get to have free time while the others learn.

What students and parents need to know:

March 5th there will be an ETS meeting. There is also a BRTC tour that day.

March 11th, juniors will be taking the ACT exam.

March 16th, 7-10th grade will be taking the ACT Aspire.

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Trap Team:

Practice Schedule (Practices held at Darrel Smith’s field in Jesup.)

Saturday March 7th

  • Jr-10:30 AM

  • Sr- 11:30 AM

Saturday March 14th

  • Jr-10:30 AM

  • Sr- 11:30 AM



  • League of Legends on every Tuesdays, (3:10-6:00)

  • Rocket League on Thursdays, (3:10-6:00)


  • March 6 will kick off our Spring Baseball season!


  • Congratulations to the Jr High Girls team for becoming not only our conference but also our district runner ups!

  • Summer Doyle, Brooklyn Penn, Kayleigh Kirk, and Tanner Durham were also named All- Conference.

  • Senior girls were named as our district runner ups while the Senior boys were named our district champs!

  • Colton Rose, Caleb James, Trevor Nunnaly, Kylie Baxter, and Mickayla Smith were named as All-Conference!


State archery will be March 7th at Hot Springs.

Regional and State Basketball Update

Written by Abby Orrick, Gabby Jones, and Cassidy Holder

  • January 24, 2020

During both the Regional and District tournament a series of different sponsors came together to provide the hosting school with what they need. Farm Bureau Bank as well as Sentinel Bank are corporate sponsors for the tournament. Wilson Sports is yet another major sponsor that provides the game day basketball for both the girls and boys basketball teams. At each tournament you will notice an Ad book. In this there are advertisements for several companies that have donated to the hosting school in order to help make these possible. Make sure and support your Screamin’ Eagles during the tournaments to come!

  • February 21, 2020

Hillcrest basketball worked hard during the regular season and is now pushing through post-season. The Hillcrest Screamin’ Eagles dominated the District tournament last week at Maynard High School, putting them in a great place going into regionals. The Lady Screamin’ Eagles fought hard to make it to the District finals, which secured them a place in the regional tournament as well.

  • February 27, 2020

This week we host the 1A-2 Regional Tournament! Both the girls and boys teams have worked hard to have a spot here and we are proud of their work this season! The Senior Boys won their first round of the tournament, securing them a spot in state on Wednesday, February 6, against a very well coached Omaha team. They will play again on Friday, February 28. The Senior Girls will play their first round on Thursday, February 27. We expect the Nest to be full of Screamin’ Eagle fans this week! Come out to support your teams!

  • February 28, 2020

The Hillcrest Lady Screamin’ Eagles secured their spot in the State tournament next week with a win over Western Grove on the 27th! Both Hillcrest teams played in the Regional semi-finals on the 28th, and both teams secured a spot in third place. They will be playing in state this Wednesday in Hot Springs.

  • Overall
Bryson Doyle, Trevor Nunnally, Mickayla Smith and Kylie Baxter were named All-Regional Honors!

The Sr. Girls will be playing Wednesday, March 4 at 7 p.m. followed by the Sr. Boys at Lake Hamilton High School.

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Fine Arts Student of the Month

Daron Raney was nominated as the Music Student of the Month! He couldn’t find anything to do after quitting basketball in 7th grade, so he joined band and immediately took up with clarinet. One of Daron’s favorite memories in band is when he played with the band on Fine Arts Night.

Fine Arts Student of the Month

Ethan Clairday was nominated as the Art Student of the Month! He said that he has always had a passion for art, but really got into it in 1st grade, taking up creating worlds and drawing heros and villians. His favorite memory in art class was when he, Kyle, and Mark created charcoal drawings of scenes from horror games that they played.

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FBLA Members qualify for state

The following members competed at a district level and have qualified to compete in Little Rock at state convention.

Sarah Neeley, 3rd place Introduction to FLBA

Brylee Doyle, 6th place Business Communication

Nick Powell, 1st place Marketing

Trevor Nunnally, Abby Orrick, and Kord Woodward, 2nd place Sports and Entertainment Management

Bailey Donnell, 4th place Business Ethics

Samera Orrantia, 1st Intro to Public Speaking

Hanna Parker and Ally Martin, Web Design

Gabby Jones, 2nd place Job Interviewer

Donkey Basketball

Monday, March 16th, 6pm

Strawberry Gym

Support your Hillcrest FFA chapter by attending a fun-filled family event!

Tickets are $6 when purchased in advance from an FFA member or $8 when purchased at the gate.

Art's Night

Tuesday, March 17th, 6pm

Hillcrest High School

Join Hillcrest students as they showcase their talents for the community!

BETA Boston Butt Deadline

Friday, March 20th, 3:15pm


This is the last day to purchase your Beta sponsored Boston Butts. Pick-up day is April 11th.
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Avery Hutchison

Mrs. Oliver has nominated Avery Hutchison for the Kudos Corner this month! “Every afternoon, whether it is freezing cold or raining, she will go to the preschool area and get the preschoolers who ride my bus. She then brings them to the bus and buckles them into their car seats. She is a huge help to the preschool workers and to me! She is showing a lot of responsibility and helpfulness and it is from the goodness of her heart.” So from all of us at the Eagle Outlet, we would like to say thank you, Avery Hutchison.
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Results from last poll

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