Eagle Outlet

December 3 - December 30

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Gwen Prior - Photography and Funnies

Kyle Keehn - Sports

Tammy Burkhart - Events and Counselor's Corner

Ali Landers - Kudos Corner and Communications Director

Madison Mitchell - Art/Music and Funnies

Faith White - Polls, Final Editing, and Logo

Jazmine Loya - Sports and Photography Manager

Peytons Evans - Senior Spotlight

Brylee Doyle - Club Events and Marketing Manager

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Dolton Cunningham

-Who would you take on a road trip, and why?-

"AJ and Adrian because they're pretty good buds."

-If you could only use one emoji for the rest of high school, which would you choose?-

"Laughing emoji."

-What class did you enjoy the most?-


- Where do you see yourself in 10 years?-

"Living in Arkansas, married and having my own auto body shop."

Colton Rose

-What class did you enjoy the most?-

"Lunch because I get to eat."

-What will you miss the most?-

"I will miss the small town feeling as I hope to play college baseball in the future years."

-If you have one wish, what would it be?

'To win the state finals in baseball or basketball."

-What's your most embarrassing high school memory?-

"Tearing my ACL."

Jarrett Guerin

-Who would you take on a road trip, and why?-

"Colton and Caleb because we're family."

-What class did you enjoy the most?-


-If you have one wish, what would it be?-

-What is your biggest accomplishment?-


Nick Powell

-What was the most memorable school sporting event of the year?-

"The semifinals of the basketball state tournament."

-What will you miss the most?-

"Being around people who I have been around my whole life."

-What are your plans after high school?-

"Go to college and begin a good career."

-What life-lessons did you learn playing sports?-

"That working hard and being a team player is important."

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Oh what joy!

There are many events that go on at Hillcrest High School, scroll down to see what they are this month!

Christmas Break/New Year

When: December 23rd - January 1st.

Jostens Jacket Orders

When: December 3rd

End of Second Quarter/Semester Test

The end of Second Quarter is December 20th.

Semester Test dates are:

Wednesday 12/18

Flight 1 - 8 - 9:30

Flight 3: 9:35 - 11

Lunch 11 - 11:45

Flight 5 - 11:50 - 1:20

Flight 6&8 - Finish the day

Thursday 12/19

Flight 2: 8 - 9:30

Flight 4: 9:35 - 11

Lunch: 11 -11:45

Flight 6: 11:50 - 1:20

Flight 7&8 - Finish the day

Friday 12/20

Flight 7 - 8 - 9:30

Flight 8 - 9:35 - 11

Lunch 11 - 11:44

Backpack Program (All Year)

Hillcrest Food4Thought is challenging students to bring in a different item each day. While any item will be accepted, each day's item will count as double. Monetary donations will be accepted. Each dollar donated will be worth triple points!!

Please DO NOT open multipack items as this may cause items to be crushed or ripped and become unusable. Each item in multipacks will count as one.

NO old/outdated items NO glass jars

Food drive will run from December 2nd- December 13th

*Donations can be taken to the office.*

Tutoring! (All Year)

Tutoring is something that happens every Wednesday from 3:15 - 4:15 in the New Tech Building after school! We do this to help students who want to improve their grades or need extra time for homework.

*Snacks are provided*

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What is it about, you ask?

The Counselor's Corner is where Mrs. Marnie talks to kids about the ACT, what they can do to prepare for it, and what choices you can make for college. If you need anything involving the ACT like practice, test prep, when the real ACT is, or even if you need help with college; Mrs. Marnie is the one to talk to. She will help you get to where you want to be in school and life.

Act Test Prep

The ACT test prep is every other week and it repeats.

Week 1 -

Tuesday - Homeroom

Wednesday - Reading Test Prep

Thursday - English Test Prep

Week 2 -

Tuesday - Homeroom/Grade check for SLT

Wednesday - SLT/IlT

Thursday - SLT/IlT

Week 3 -

Tuesday - Homeroom

Wednesday - Math Test Prep

Thursday - Science Test Prep

  • SLT - Student Learning Time - Where students that have bad grades go into a classroom and the teachers work with them.
  • ILT - Independent Learning Time - Where students who have good grades get to have free time while the others learn.

What students and parents need to know:

Monday Dec. 2nd @8am ASVAB scores come in.

Thursday Dec. 5th Mrs. Pam is coming to visit

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Click here to see what colleges are visiting!

These are the schools visiting with the juniors and seniors about their plans for a college career.

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November 19th team 2 won both League of Legends matches.

December 3rd team 1 won both League of Legends matches.

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Fine Arts Student of the month

This is Jaycie Bagwell. She is interested in the fine arts because she finds it enjoyable. She says she currently does not plan to pursue an art-based career.

Fine Arts Sudent of the Month

This is Jorgie Hulsey. She enjoys art because she feels that it allowes her to express herself, and she enjoys painting in particular. Like Jacey, she too does not currently plan on going into an art-based career
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Is The Nightmare Before Christmas a Halloween or Christmas Movie?

There is a lot of controversy over if The Nightmare Before Christmas, a beloved and iconic movie adapted by Tim Burton, is a Christmas or Halloween movie. I personally find myself watching for both holidays, having always been a fan of Burton’s works, but which was it meant to be? After a little research, I found that it has been confirmed by both Tim Burton himself and the film director himself, Henry Selick, The Nightmare Before Christmas is indeed a Halloween movie, and was created as such. As for our poll, 11.4% of people said that the movie was a Christmas movie, 36.4% said it was a Halloween movie, and 52.3% said it was for both holidays!
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Student Council

This month we would like to highlight the Homecoming Dance that Student Council sponsored. Student Council set up the dance, which is usually hosted in the Lynn gym, in the New Tech Commons this year. The dance lasted from 8:30 to 10:00 and the total attendance was 40. Those who attended seemed to agree that they enjoyed having the dance in the commons area this year.


On October 30 through November 2, Hillcrest FFA members attended National Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana. While they were there, the group attended different sessions, a rodeo, a concert, and an exposition.

Trash Pickup

On Tuesday, November 5, some of Hillcrest’s clubs joined together to clean up the community. FFA, FBLA, Beta, Sudent Council, ESports, and some fifth flight student cleaned up the highway between the school and the blue “Adopt a Highway” signs outside of Strawberry. In total, around 94 students chose to help clean up the highway. Those who participated were invited to FFA’s next cookout.

Veteran's Day Assembly

Mr. Story and multiple students from Hillcrest hosted an assembly on Friday, November 8, in honor of Veteran’s Day. Students and citizens attended to honor those who served. The assembly included a guest speaker, Col. Jonathan Stubs, and a bagpipe player, Ebelina Dunlap. Alyssa Coles also attended to sing “The Star-Spangled Banner” and Mr. Story and Mrs. Tracy sang “I’m Proud To Be An American.” Multiple veterans were also featured in the assembly, including Housten Netrefa, who graduated from Hillcrest in 2019. A thanks goes out to PTSC for purchasing flags and pictures were taken by Mrs. Julie Woodward and Mrs. Marla Helms.

Beta Veteran's Reception

On Friday, November 8, at the home game against Pangburn, Hillcrest’s Senior Beta Club hosted a reception for the attending veterans. They offered different drinks and food, as well as handed out “Thank You” cards and American flag pins. The room was decorated in red, white, and blue to honor those who served for our country.

FBLA Paper Drive

FBLA’s Paper Drive has come to an end and a winner has been named. Mr. Roby won the drive with 1,862 rolls and Mrs. Turner came in second with 1,386 rolls. In total, over 3,500 rolls of paper were brought in by students, staff, and more to help those at the Ronald McDonald House in Memphis.

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This month's kudos goes to John Morgan! John has gone above and beyond helping his peers with their work. He has been kind, considerate, and has helped out around his classroom, and served as a great example of a kind student with a huge heart.

Christmas Countdown