Eagle Outlet

October 28 - November 22

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Gwen Prior - Photography and Funnies

Kyle Keehn - Sports

Tammy Burkhart - Events and Counselor's Corner

Ali Landers - Kudos Corner and Communications Director

Madison Mitchell - Art/Music and Funnies

Faith White - Polls, Final Editing, and Logo

Jazmine Loya - Sports and Photography Manager

Peytons Evans - Senior Spotlight

Brylee Doyle - Club Events and Marketing Manager

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Elizabeth Reedmer

What are you most grateful for?

-Freedom of religion and my family.-

Who would you take on a road trip, and why?

-Aubrianna, we would have a good time.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

-RN, married with kids-

What are your plans after high school?

-Attend college and become an RN, hopefully become married with kids.-

Adrian Doyle

What are you most grateful for?

-Mom and Dad.-

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?


What class did you enjoy the most?


Who would you take on a road trip, and why?


AJ Walls

If you could plan a field trip anywhere for next year, where would you want to go?

-Six Flags.-

What class did you enjoy the most?

-Ag class.-

Who would you take on a road trip, and why?

-Adrian, Dolton, and Houston because they are fun to be around.-

"I will always remember..."


What will you miss the most?


Kaitlyn Haynes

Describe your senior year in three words.

-Please be over.-

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

-Not in school and not around here.-

If you could only use one emoji for the rest of high school, which would you choose?

-The eye roll emoji.-

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Oh what joy!

There are many events that go on at Hillcrest High School, scroll down to see what they are this month!

Red Ribbon & Spirit Week

Red Ribbon

Monday October 28th - Movie "If They Had Known"

Thursday October 31st - Too Cool to Juul Assembly

Spirit Week

Monday October 28th - Hillbilly V.S. Hollywood

Tuesday 29th - 80's/Rock'n'Roll day

Wednesday 30th - Sports Day

Thursday October 31 - Costume Day

Friday November 1st - Red, White, Blue


When: November 1st

Hillcrest v Blythville 4:30

Junior Boys, Homecoming, Senior Boys, Senior Girls

This year's homecoming court features:

Our flower girls for Homecoming are Anabella Hill and Apple Fortenberry

Our crown bearers for Homecoming are Rylan Perkins and Corbyn Jackson

7th Grade - Breanna Burrow escorted by Landon Wright

8th Grade - Summer Doyle escorted by Brayden Oliver

9th Grade - Emma Jones escorted by Elias Weaver

10th Grade - Kylie Baxter escorted by Bryson Doyle

11th Grade - Emma Howard escorted by Caleb Humphrey

12th Grade - Gabby Jones escorted by Nicholas Powell

12th Grade - Abby Orrick escorted by Trevor Nunnally

12th Grade - Eva Durham escorted by Caleb James

12th Grade - Haley Parker escorted by Clint Nunnally

Senior Pictures

Friday, November 15th - Group Pictures at Cherry Farm

Wednesday, November 20th - Senior Composite Pictures

Backpack Program

The backpack program is in need of hygiene products.

*Donations can be taken to the office.*


Tutoring is something that happens every Wednesday from 3:15 - 4:15 in the New Tech Building after school! We do this to help students who want to improve their grades or need extra time for homework.

*Snacks are provided*

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What is it about, you ask?

The Counselor's Corner is where Mrs. Marnie talks to kids about the ACT, what they can do to prepare for it, and what choices you can make for college. If you need anything involving the ACT like practice, test prep, when the real ACT is, or even if you need help with college; Mrs. Marnie is the one to talk to. She will help you get to where you want to be in school and life.

Act Test Prep

The ACT test prep is every other week and it repeats.

Week 1 -

Tuesday - Homeroom

Wednesday - Reading Test Prep

Thursday - English Test Prep

Week 2 -

Tuesday - Homeroom/Grade check for SLT

Wednesday - SLT/IlT

Thursday - SLT/IlT

Week 3 -

Tuesday - Homeroom

Wednesday - Math Test Prep

Thursday - Science Test Prep

  • SLT - Student Learning Time - Where students that have bad grades go into a classroom and the teachers work with them.
  • ILT - Independent Learning Time - Where students who have good grades get to have free time while the others learn.

What students and parents need to know:

October 29th - ASVAB Test @8am for interested Juniors

November 7th - Mrs. Pam is coming to visit.

November 8th - Senior Day at UACCB college

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Click here to see what colleges are visiting!

These are the schools visiting with the juniors and seniors about their plans for a college career.

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Basketball Players

Jr. High (girls)

30- Emma Jones

11- Kennedy Brannon

32- Brooklyn Penn

31- Summer Doyle

45- Kayleigh Kirk

22- Allison Capps

23- Kaily Scoggin

34- Addison Doyle

24-Breanna Burrow

04- Chloe Polston

00- Errin Wright

40- Chloe Davis

Sr. High (girls)

3- Mickayla Smith

21- Abby Orrick

2- Hanna Parker

14- Gabby Jones

33- Kylie Baxter

20- Molly Emison

12- Kamdyn Willmuth

23- Marrisa Murphy

24- Emma Howard

5- Ivy Landers

32- Ashlyn Miesner

43- Zoey Callahan

Jr. high (boys)

3- Cole James

11- Brock Morgan

12- Tanner Durham

13- Elias Weaver

21- Talmadge Smith

40- Ryker Netrefa

1- Clayton Rose

30- Jesse Loftin

00- Scout meeks

32- Brayden Oliver

Kade Qualls

Evan Cain

42- Landon Wright

Sr High:

4- Trevor Nunnally

5- Clint Nunnally

10- Jonathan Dulaney

23- Caleb James

25- Nick Powell

2- Colton Rose

24- Caleb Humphery

35- Carson Jeffery

33- Bryson Doyle

13- Haydan Callahan

1- Skylar Willard

3- Kyler Kirk

State Golf

Senior girls finished 5th out of 12 teams at State golf at Mountain Ranch golf course in Fairfield Bay.

Molly Emison and Abby Orrick scored well enough to win All- state honors.

Senior boys finished 3rd out of 12 teams at State at Chamberlyne Golf Club in Danville, AR. The boys missed Runner- up by 1 stroke!!

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Fine Arts Student of the Month

This is Faith White. Faith was Mrs. Tracy’s pick for the Art Student of the Month, and Faith has been interested in art for a long time. “I became interested in art in 6th grade, and I’ve been drawing ever since. I also really wanted to learn to play an instrument when I went into 7th grade, and then started playing flute in band, and really enjoy doing it.” She is truly dedicated, and wishes to do something with art once she is done with her schooling.

Fine Art Student of the Month

This is Hayley Parker, Mrs. Breanna’s Fine Art Student of the Month. She enjoys painting whilst in art class. She doesn’t plan on engaging in an art-based career after high school.
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Upcoming Events


October 29-November 1: National Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana.


November 13: Last Day of Paper Drive

November 14: Delivering Paper Donations to Ronald McDonald House


November 1: Student Faculty Ballgame, Lynn Gym

November 23: Thanksgiving Dinner, 11:00 A.M. - 1:30 P.M. (Set up: 10:30 - 11:00 & Cleanup: 1:30 - 2:00), Strawberry City Hall

FBLA Feature

FBLA Feature:

FBLA recently held a fundraiser and sold Krispy Kreme donuts to people around the community. The top ten sellers were:

  1. Deron Raney

  2. Trevor Nunnally

  3. Ali Landers

  4. Abby Orrick

  5. Nick Powell

  6. Gabby Jones

  7. Caleb Humphrey

  8. Kord Woodard

  9. Samera Orrantia

  10. Sarah Neeley

Runner up: Kamdyn Wilmuth

FBLA Paper Drive

FBLA is currently collecting paper to donate to the Ronald McDonald House. This year, several teachers have decided to participate in a competition that allows students to get out of class. The teacher with the most paper under their name will not have class on November 12. The participating teachers include:

Mr. Roby

Coach Sam

Mrs. Brightwell

Mrs. Morgan

Mrs. Turner

Mr. Carson

Mrs. Bre

Mr. Scott

Mr. Brightwell

Coach Durham

Mr. Story

Mrs. Tracy

If you would like to donate, you can bring your paper to Mrs. Brannon's room and let her know the teacher of your choice.

Beta Feature

On October 7th and 8th, the Hillcrest Beta Club attended the Fall Leadership Summit in Hot Springs, Arkansas. The club members participated in different competitions and attended sessions that featured guest speakers. Students who qualified are now eligible to compete at the national competition this summer in Fort Worth, Texas.

The qualifying teams include:

Lead Outside the Box- Peyton Evans, Cassidy Holder, McKinley Doyle, and Gabby Jones

Rapid Response- Mickayla Smith, Nick Powell, Colton Rose, Kamdyn Wilmuth, and Caden Evans

Service Snapshot- Ali Landers, Sarah Neeley, Samera Orrantia, Maddie Doyle, and Brylee Doyle

Congratulations to McKinley Doyle for being selected as one of three Leadership Representatives at the event.

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This months Kudos goes to John Woodward! He was nominated by Mrs. Turner because he truly exemplifies what it means to be a good partner. John has gone above and beyond to help the people he is working with, no matter who he is paired with. He is an exceptional partner, working with others to make sure they actually understand and learn. He takes the time to point out things to his partners, but never demands it to be a certain way or simply does the work for them. He shows compassion to others and a willingness to help them learn that is not always apparent.

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