Eagle Outlet

September 30 - October 25

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Introducing the Eagle Outlet

To the Hillcrest students, staff, and more: Welcome to the Eagle Outlet. In this newsletter, we have included many topics that we hope can be informative and helpful to you. If you would like to read our monthly newsletter, look for it in your inbox on the last Monday of every month.

At the Eagle Outlet we have many people contributing to make this newsletter the best that it can be: Gwen Prior - Photography and Graphic Design, Kyle Keehn - Funnies and Sports, Tammy Burkhart - Events and Counselor's Corner, Ali Landers - Kudos Corner and Communications Director, Madison Mitchell - Art/Music, Faith White - Polls, Final Editing, and Logo, Jazmine Loya - Sports and Photography Manager, Peyton Evans - Senior Spotlight, and Brylee Doyle - Club Events and Marketing Manager.

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Ally Martin

What are you most grateful for?

-"My friendships with my wonderful class."-

Describe your senior year in three words.

-"Waste of Time"-

What is your biggest accomplishment?

-"Hopefully graduating"-

Who would you take on a road trip?

-"Hanna Parker & Haley Parker"-

Racheal Geurin

What trends are you most embarrassed of being a part of?

-"The "eyebrow slit"-

Describe your senior year in three words.

-"Wanna sign out?"-

What are you most grateful for?

-"TMR with Clint & Ally"-

If you have one wish, what would it be?

-"To marry Channing Tatum"-

Clint Nunnally

What will you miss the most?

-"I will miss basketball and Coach Cade."-

What was the most memorable sporting event?

-"Going to state in baseball and basketball."-

If you have one wish, what would it be?

-"One wish would be to have 1 million dollars".-

Bobby Wilson

Describe your senior year in three words

-"Harder than Anticipated"-

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

-"Welding on pipeline"-

What is your biggest accomplishment?

-"I held down a summer internship for 3 months at a very large company"-

What was the most memorable sport even you participated in?

- "We played Hacky Sack everyday after lunch, does that count?"-

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Oh what joy!

There are many events that go on at Hillcrest High School, such as homecoming, prom, field trips, spirit week, senior pictures, graduation and many more.


FunFest - have fun, play games, and win prizes!


October 4th 5-7pm

Picture Day

On picture day students will get their picture taken for the yearbook. You can get a the yearbook at the end of the year. Elementary, High School, and Preschool will be taking the photos.


Elementary - Oct. 9th

High School - Oct.15th

Preschool - Oct. 15th

Flu Clinic

Mrs. Phyllis will give flu shots to the Elementary and High School.

When: Oct. 8th

Backpack Program

This months requests are birthday cake mix and icing.

*Donations can be taken to the office.*


Tutoring is something that happens every Wednesday from 3:15 - 4:15 in the New Tech Building! We do this to help students that are struggling with their grades, or that just want after-school help to ensure good grades.

*Snacks are provided*

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What is it about, you ask?

The Counselor's Corner is where Mrs. Marnie talks to kids about the ACT, what they can do to prepare for it, and what choices you can make for college. If you need anything involving the ACT like practice, test prep, when the real ACT is, or even if you need help with college; Mrs. Marnie is the one to talk to. She will help you get to where you want to be in school and life.

Act Test Prep

The ACT test prep is every other week and it repeats.

Week 1 -

Tuesday - Homeroom

Wednesday - Reading Test Prep

Thursday - English Test Prep

Week 2 -

Tuesday - Homeroom/Grade check for SLT

Wednesday - SLT/IlT

Thursday - SLT/IlT

Week 3 -

Tuesday - Homeroom

Wednesday - Math Test Prep

Thursday - Science Test Prep

  • SLT - Student Learning Time - Where students that have bad grades go into a classroom and the teachers work with them
  • ILT - Independent Learning Time - Where students who have good grades get to have free time while the others learn.

What do the students need to know?

- Oct. 2nd @11.30 Williams Baptist University will be visiting with interested juniors and seniors

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Click here to see what schools are visiting.

These are the schools visiting with the juniors and seniors about their plans for a college career.

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Esports is a new sport that was just introduced this year that involves playing video games while working as a team to beat the competition. The school has provided gaming equipment for our team, and the team is currently practicing and getting ready to win competitions.


The first match is going to be on the 22nd of October.


The high school building


@4:00 pm

Team Coaches:

Autumn Brightwell

Computer Science, Business Technology & Career eSports Coach

Kyle Keehn

Timothy Keehn

Hannah Fortenberry

Mark Mitchell

Team Players:

Team Captain - Issac Bagwell

Co-Captain - Ethan Clairday

Clayton Hendrickson

Alyssa Cooney

Madison Mitchell

Deron Raney

Riley Huksey

Ellijah Briley

Ian Bristow

Keith Ward

Chase Bagwell

Konnor Huskey

Ashton Vickers

John Woodward

State Golf

Congratulations to the Hillcrest golf team for making it to state! Both the girls and boys teams finished on the top, and are going to play at state. Hanna Parker finished first and Abby Orrick finished second in the girl’s division, while Colton Rose and Nick Powell placed second in boy’s division, with Bryson Doyle tying for third. The girls will compete in state today, Monday, September 30, at Fairfield. The boys will compete in state on Monday, October 7, at Danville.

High School Basketball

Click here for a link to the high school basketball schedule.
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Fine Art Students of the Month

The Fine Art students of the month are Kord Woodward and Aubrianna Johnson! These students have been chosen by Mrs. Breanna and Mrs. Tracy to be the Fine Art students of the month. Kord is learning the ukulele, guitar, and the drums; showing how much of an interest he has taken in music. Our other Fine Art Student of the Month is Aubrianna Johnson. Aubrianna is an amazing artist, and you can find her beautiful art on display in Mrs. Breanna's art room. Aubrianna says she enjoys art and music because it helps her relieve the stress of her day.

Fall Auction

During this Fall Auction, the art and agriculture students of Hillcrest Highschool will be making and donating art pieces to sell at the auction. The Fall Auction will be held at the Hillcrest Highschool gym during Jamboree, October 15th.

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Hillcrest's upcoming club events include:


October 2: Fresh Country Orders Due

October 30-November 2: National Convention


October 10: Fall Conference

October 1: Krispy Kreme Orders Delivered


October 7-8: Fall Leadership Conference

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This month's Kudos goes to out Intramural coaches: Abby Orrick, Gabby Jones, Kamdyn Willmuth, Racheal Geurin, Marissa Murphy, Emma Howard, Kylie Baxter, Zoey Callahan, and Molly Emison!

These students have given their time to coach six intramural games throughout the month of September. They have volunteered to work with elementary students after school, and they are helping the students learn to play basketball.

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