Invasion of Iraq

By: Nazo


On March 19, 2003 a very controversial decision took place. George Bush decided to invade Iraq after supposly finding nuclear weapons in Iraq and belonging to Sadam Hussien. America was still fired up from 9/11 so they wanted to do anything to get back at them. Everyone sided with Bush on the decision but ended up looking dumb founded when the US discovered nothing.

Invasion of Iraq

Media Bias

One article i found National Review was completely with invading Iraq. They stated, "Syria is a jihad-exporting bloodbath, and we never invaded Syria." They also said they were not sorry for supporting this event. Most Americans are very loyal and patriotic so they don't go down with fighting back.

An article from also claims that because of this invasion, it created ISIS: a very dangerous terrorist group.

Another was on the film "Dixie Chicks". Dixie Chicks said that they were embaressed George Bush was from Texas so all thier fans revolted against them. People claimed them un-American. They were isolated from everyone for a year and then continued on their tour.

Criticism Lenses

Historical- This portrays historical criticism because this played a big role in America in the early 2000's. Believing this would be a crucial step to completely get away from Iraq. Turned out it didn't go like that and now have threats from ISIS.

Cultural-This also shows cultural criticism because this impacted everyone in either a good or bad way. Basically Democrats were against and Republicans were for hence that Bush was a Republican.

Personal Bias

I believe that this invasion was not neccesary because the evidence wasn't fully there. I clearly believe it was because 9/11and us being frustrated from it. As Americans, we believe and are better then all other countries so if someone messes with us were going back at them full force. Ended though as not finding anything and hurting or loosing 32% of our troops that we sent.