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  • Venezuela was colonized by Spain in 1522. It declared independence from Spanish rule in 1811, on July 5th (its celebrated National Day). The country secured independence as part of the Republic of Gran Colombia in 1821, and became its own independent republic in 1830.

National anthem

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How did Venezuela made its anthem?

Inspired by the first attempt of the Venezuelans to win their independence in 1810, members of the Patriotic Society in the capital Caracas decided to create a patriotic song to encourage the people in their revolution against Spain. While Venezuelan independence was declared in 1811, both the composer and lyricist of the anthem, still fighting in the revolution, were executed by a Spanish firing squad in 1814.

Political information

Nicolas Maduro is the President of Venezuela.
He was inaugurated on April 19, 2013. His term should run until January 10, 2019, as the next scheduled presidential election is in 2018

Geography of Venezuela

The country of Venezuela is in South America. In the southeast part Guiana highlands and in the northwest are the Maracaibo Lowlands and Andes Mountains. The climate in Venezuela is hot, humid and tropical, while in the highlands it is moderate.

Economic Info


$491.6 billion (2015 est.)

$546.2 billion (2014 est.)

$569 billion (2013 est.)

Tourist informantion


  • Caracas - Being the capital and the largest city in Venezuela, Caracas is known for being one of the most cosmopolitan and modern cities in South America. There are lots of places to visit, such as theaters, malls, museums, art galleries, parks, well-conserved colonial architectures and even gastronomic restaurants. Crime is an epidemic.
  • Carupano - Carúpano is a welcoming town on the Caribean Coast famous for its carnaval and nearby paradisiac beaches.

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