Learn about the different systems with me!


Many different parts work together to form a system. These parts have various functions. Even if a single part is missing, the system may not work well.

Human Systems and Plant Systems

Human Systems

The human body has many different systems like:

  • The Skeletal System (It gives our body shape)
  • The Muscular System(Helps us move)
  • The Digestive System(Digests the food that we eat)
  • The Respiratory System(Helps us breathe)
  • The Circulatory System(Transports nutrients from food, and other substances such as oxygen via blood to other parts of the body)

Plant Systems

The plant system is made up with three parts:

  • the roots
  • the stem
  • the leaves

Let's look at some pictures and functions!

And now, for a little test!

Let's see what you can remember!

What is the function of the mouth?

Tom held a shirt by its hanger. He could see its shape perfectly. However, when removed it from the hanger, it lost its shape. Which of our systems work like the hanger?

What substances does the circulatory system transport?

That's it for now!