Teaching a 5th grader 101

The ways on how to get though 6th grade... alive ;0

Getting ready. :)

First you will need to know what time your bus comes and gets at the school so you know how much time you have.

Then you will need to know your schedule and what classes you have after you do this you are well on your way to being the best 6th grader there is.poop

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What you need to be successful. <3

Next, you will need a paper, pencil and a couple binders. this will help you get though classes and organize.
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Knowing your stuff.

You need to do your homework, it is very important and can help you get good grades and get you in the sports and after school activtes you want.

You also need know where you are. At east middle school we have a thing called "houses" the are colored places that cross to the 6th, 7th and 8th. You will need to know that you are there and what "house" you are in. The orange house is what you are going to be in. Then there is blue, purple, yellow, red and a mix blue.

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After school.

There are many clubs such as quiz bowl, bumb crew and gutar club. Then there are sports like soccer and basketball. there are more like football, cross country and track.
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Awards and being good.

You want to be the best 6th grader you can be and how to do that is that you need to be good and don't talk out loud. You are going to have many different teachers with different expectations on how you are going to act. So first you need to know what teachers are going to put up with you or not. After you do that you need to be good in your other classes where the teachers expectations are very high. This will help you get awards and help you get better grades.

There are many different awards you can get but the best ones are...

- Golden Eagle Award

- Perfect attendance Award

- Best In Class Award

And there are many more.