Night of the Twisters

by ivy ruckman

do you want to read a good book well this is a good book NIGHT OF THE TWISTERS.


problem and solution

the problem was that they could not find smiley then they went to her house and found her in the basement snoring on the couch so they got her out the window with springs the solution was that that they found her Dan Stacy and Arthur did it.

the problem next Dan could not find his mom dad and brother so a cop took him to Kmart where the police said every was going Dan Stacy and Arthur went there but they didn't find them so Dan got out of the car and went up the road and found his dad driving a truck the solution was that they found there family .


Dan and Arthur where at the beach and it was sprinkling so they went to Dan's house because the weather was bad so arthur was having a sleep over and then they got there and they where watching tv and then dans mom was going over to mrs.smiley's house to check on her then the tv said tornado alert so mom rushed to smileys before she did she packed a blanket and flash light then mom got in the car they herd the tornado siren so they got ryan the baby and ran down stairs and the tornado hit then they hopped in the shower and the glass shatterd then the tornado was over and they got out of the basemant and went out side and they looked for dans mom then they found her and she got onto the bus then they looked for smiley and found her in the base ment so they got her out then she got in the bus then they left then they found a plioce and left then dan found his parents on the side of the road


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