Alcohol Use and Peer Pressure

Written By: Taylor Bradley

Peer Pressure Towards Alcohol

I had interviewed some teens and their experiences with alcohol and peer pressure to drink here are some of their stories. I had to keep them anonymous because they are all under 18.

I was staying at a friends house and there was 1 senior, 1 junior, and 1 sophomore there. As the youngest one there(freshman) I was peer pressured into drinking some alcohol mixed with some juice. I only drank one small glass; the other girls had 2-3 glasses. One girl got drunk and we had to keep her quiet because her parents were up stairs and we were in the basement. Her parents didn't know we were drinking. That whole night was nervous breakdown cause I didn't want to get caught as a freshman drinking.

Saying No is Harder Than You Think

I was hanging out with my mom and her friends and they were all drinking. They all wanted me to try it. So trusting my mom I did. Even though we didn't get caught I still feel that I have let myself down for saying yes. No is hard to say but its sometimes the right answer. Saying yes was my biggest regret . I wish people could be taught more on how to say no.
Peer Pressure Help

Need help with peer pressure this website can help!

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Effects of Alcohol

Alcohol can cause many problems with your nervous system. Like

  1. Slower reaction time
  2. Poor hearing
  3. Poor seeing

These affects can cause long term problems to your brain and nervous system.