Week of Oct. 15th...

LA Staff News


*United Way: If you have any donations for the United Way, get them to Melissa by Tuesday as all of that must be turned in to central office.

**Dyslexia Letter: Printed copies of a letter that must be given to all students will be in your mailboxes. Please deliver to your advisory class. :)

~Plan to take the Clarity survey and have kids take it as well (separate links). Info below.



Melissa and Art out 9:00-12:00


9:00-MN at DAC for suspension hearing


MN at Principal's Meeting 8:00-11:00

MN IEP for kid 12:15-1:15


8:30 AM: Faith Mason Parent Meeting

12:50 PM: Early Release-Teacher Professional Development

Saturday: 10/20: Liberty Education Foundation Fundraiser at Gary Crossley Ford. See Melissa if you need ticket info.

Upcoming dates to note:

10/22-23: Parent/Teacher Conferences 3:00-7:00

Conference treats: Monday (Peggy and Co. will have snacks); Tuesday: Chic-Fil-A providing dinner for staff during conferences.


We seem to have had a lot of circumstances which have caused staff members to arrive late, leave early, or run out midday. As a reminder, please make sure you are communicating with Melissa in these situations. Our contract hours are 7:45-3:45. As a general rule of thumb, if you are gone for more than an hour, you will be put in for a half day absence.

As you know, this has been our most challenging year with behaviors. When we are not fully staffed, it does impact our day. Please try to prearrange subs when you are gone. If you don't have time, ask Debi if she is able to help you with some phone calls.

Data Consult in December

As shared in September, I'm looking for some sound bytes that will help illustrate your voice during our data consult in December.


Everyone else: Please visit https://flipgrid.com/f7b7a72b to record your answer to one or more questions!

Clarity BrightBytes Survey

District survey opens Monday and stays open for two weeks. We must reach statistical significance.

1. Please take the survey yourself (all staff): http://www.BByt.es/K72DT

2. Teachers: Determine when you will administer the student survey. Here is the link for the students: http://www.BByt.es/K72DU

3: Parents: I will take care of getting parents to take the survey.

Thank you for knocking this out this week!

Small Mall is Coming

Small Mall Collection Idea #1:

Open doors, drawers, and closets in your home.

Oh, Great Aunt Dorothy got you that tie with apples on it last year in the Richardson family gift exchange?!?! Paul, you haven't even worn it once!!

Welp, if you aren't going to use the gifts you have received, it's time to move them on to someone who may!!

You guys, there are no Vegas odds that could possibly predict what is HOT and what is NOT at the Small Mall!!

(Almost) Anything goes!!

Declutter those gifts you've had for a year or a decade and have yet to use!

An electronic flyer is below. Please help us out by sharing!

Big picture