2D Newsletter

Week ending 29th April

Good afternoon ,

Thank you so much for attending your child's conference. It was wonderful to see how excited the children were to share their learning and classroom with you. There was lots of smiles and laughter.

Next week the 2nd grade students will be undertaking their final MAPS test of the year. The tests will run from Sunday to Wednesday.

Have a relaxing weekend.



Curriculum Updates


This week the students in 2D went from measuring objects and then comparing and contrasting them, to using what they know about measurement to work through word problems using the RDW process. These words problems asked the students to convert inches to feet and yards. Some of these problems proved quite challenging and we will continue to work on them for the remainder of the unit.


We continued to meet in bookclubs and partnerships to share about the books we are reading. All the bookclub groups are onto their 2nd or 3rd book in the series. They really are becoming experts on the characters in the series. While reading they are making predictions, noticing characters thoughts, actions and feelings, asking questions and wonderings, as well as making connections.


This week saw the authors of 2D revisit what it means to be a successful non-fiction writer. They have all chose their first expert topic and are in the beginning stages of planning their book.


We have just started our final science unit for the year on Force & Motion. They investigated force with a toy car experiment. We will continue to have labs throughout the unit to learn more about force, friction, gravity and magnetism.

2D's first force experiment

Parent - Child Conferences