Dark Water Rising

Marian Hale


Dark Water Rising is a novel written about a 17 year old boy, Seth, who has just moved to Galveston with his family against his own will. He has a clear view of what he wants to do in life but it seems like his dad has a different view on his future. Things suddenly change when Galveston is struck by a hurricane and everything is destroyed.

Quote #1

"If God truly had a reason for everything that happened to us, then making Papa see things my way had to be the reason I got the carpenter job." (Hale 50)

Quote #2

"Oh, heaven, please help them-and me as well. For in my selfishness, I continued to pray that the woman and child hadn't been Mama and Kate." (Hale 103)


Through pursuing something you dream of, don't loose track of what is important to you because you don't know when you could loose them.