The Catchy Apache

Veronica, Jaiden, Slater, and Campbell

Introducing the catchy Apache

We have been researching about the Apache tribe for a while now and we would like to share some of the information that we have studied.

Veronica studying Apache food

Apache hunters gathered five or six groups to grow crops for their food.The kiowa Apaches grew corn, beans, pumpkins, squash, melons, and chili peppers.They were planted next to the fertile banks of streams and in river valleys. The blood of a buffalo was used to thicken soups, stews, and puddings.

Campbell studying appearance....

The Apache tended to be very tall. There hair parted in the middle. Also Apache men wore their hair loose and flowing. Their hair could reach their waist!

Slater studying shelter and location

The Apache used large sticks and buffalo skins to make large settling houses to live in. They used large sticks and cloth that they used to make teepees that helped them traveling and war sites where they would rest and hunt for buffalo that helped them make a lot of their shelter and beds.

Jaiden studying customs/traditions and cerimonies

The Apache are very unique Indians they had healing ceremonies, and death as well. Th healing ceremony usually began with the patient showing their respect for the shaman by calling his name and tracing a cross on the shaman's right foot with pollen and sprinkling the rest over his body. Next another cross was drawn on his left foot. When this was finished , the shaman began his work. Later after praying and sing that the patient would be cured they had a small celebration and ate food that the patients family had prepared. Soon after dinner the shaman sucked out poison that had been planted in their patient by an evil power and split it inside a fire.