Life On The Goldfields

life on the goldfields was tough. Finding gold is not that easy like you think it is. If you don't have a license you will be in big trouble by the police on the goldfields. Goldfields is not the place for women and children . On the goldfields miners eat damper as well as meats and other vegetables

The tools used in gold minings

Miners used metal picks, shovels, gold pan and cradle. Diggers who worked on the Californian goldfields in the 1840s brought their tools to Australia.

Chinese on the goldfields

7000 Chinese worked in the Araluen gold fields in Southern NSW. Chinese diggers often travelled in large groups with a cook, a barber, and a scribe who could read and speak english.

Womens on the goldfields

Most of the diggers left their families behind which is sad, but one quarter of the people on the Australian goldfields in 1852 were women. Many wives dug for the gold with their husbands.