News from the Nest 2.0

Parent edition VOLUME 21 February 2017

Welcome to News from the Nest 2.0! This online newsletter is specifically created for parents by teachers. It will serve as a useful tool in providing educational tips and strategies, as well as developing systems that parents can use to work with their children at home on the academic skills being emphasized in the school program. We hope that this information serves as a positive medium in strengthening the relationship between home and school.

As the age of new technology and learning strategies continues to grow, IPSD is dedicated to educating students and staff in a true 21st Century learning environment. Furthermore, IPSD is committed to using technology as a tool to enhance student learning experiences and promote effective use of data to inform instruction, with the ultimate goal of improving academic performance. We understand that this digital transformation is necessary and will be a constant evolution moving forward in order to prepare our students for the future. We will teach the skills, knowledge, and behaviors students will need as responsible citizens in a global community. With 1:1 Device Implementation that provides laptops to each middle school student and the continued use of BYOT in the classroom, we ask that you please review the below expectations with your student.

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BYOT Expectations to discuss with your student:

  • Cell phones must be off and out of sight from the warning bell to the final bell; they should NOT be visible in the hallway, locker room, or cafeteria
  • Do NOT use cell phones for talking or texting during the day
  • Parents/guardians must be contacted using the phone in the main office—they should NOT be called or texted from a cell phone
  • Obtain permission before making a phone call
  • Cell phone pictures/videos must be related to classroom activities and permission must be obtained before taking someone’s picture
  • Cell phones are NOT to be used in the washroom
  • Cell phones may be used in the hallway and outside the classroom only when permission is given by the teacher
  • Headphones / ear buds should NOT be visible in the hallway, locker room, or cafeteria from the warning bell to the final bell
  • All BYOT users must be connected to the IPSD_BYOT network (WiFi)
  • Students are expected to follow all rules and regulations related to the use of electronic devices without exception
  • Violators will be subject to disciplinary action, which may include confiscating the device
  • Fischer is NOT responsible for lost/stolen phones and/or devices
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Chromebook Reminders:

  • Students should be leaving chargers at home
  • Charging times in the LMC include before school and during lunch—students must stay with their Chromebooks when charging
  • Students need a pass from a teacher that indicates permission to charge their Chromebook, whether at lunch or any other time of the day
  • Students should be given a pass that says “laptop” if they are being sent to the LMC to check out one
  • Cracked screens cost $42.99 to replace
  • Lost chargers have a fee of $31.50

Parents can help us promote responsible use of technology among students by…

supporting our school policies. In order to reduce the temptation for students to violate these policies, we ask that parents and guardians refrain from calling or texting their children on their cell phones during school hours. Furthermore, if your child texts you during the school day, we ask that you remind him or her of the school policy. If you need to relay a message to your child during school hours, please call the school at 630-375-3100. Thank You!

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