The man who became a god

The story of Poseidon

Many decades ago Poseidon was a mortal that is until something happened to him that could change his life and the people around him lives forever.

It all started when Poseidon was taking a very fine interest in seas, water etc. One day while he was researching the seas he was summoned to Mount Olympus by all the gods. “Poseidon come to us and prefill our fantasy out having you as a god’, the gods called. This was the craziest experience for Poseidon because he didn’t even believe that gods even existed, he thought they were just myths told by people. The god summoned him because they thought he was worthy and wise to become a god. Even though Poseidon was still young they thought he was very mature for his age and they still thought he was trustworthy

When he was summoned the gods gave him a decision either to become the god of the seas or to end up going back to be a normal mortal. Although Poseidon loved the sea he wasn’t sure if being a god would be the greatest thing to do, but he had to make a decision fast. Poseidon had a lot of pressure but he soon made the decision. He decided that he would become the god of the seas. “Poseidon, keep in mind that along with this decision there will be cruel consequences that can change every one’s life around you”, Zeus called. Poseidon knew that but he thought they would be baby consequences or small consequences so he took the risk, and he decided that he would go through the process of being a god. “Is this you final decision,” the gods called. Poseidon shook his head as if he was saying yes.

As soon as he made the decision to everything changed. Water rushed from him body, it kept flowing and rushing out, and eventually it was enough water to cover the whole earth. After it covered the earth the water started making an unknown for of disaster which is now called a hurricane. The water started moving in a funnel like motion, and the hurricane was created. The hurricane killed many people, but that was not what Poseidon wanted. He knew the consequences would be cruel, but he didn’t know they were going to be this punishing. After many days of this the disaster finally stopped. The good thing that came from this was that Poseidon was a god but there was definitely a lessoned learned from this terrible experience.

Poseidon got what he wanted and he was now a god. From this experience Poseidon learned that choosing the thing that you may desire may not always be the right or the best thing for everyone. Still to this day Poseidon thinks about this moment and how it has affected him in him in the past.