Coker Coach Corner

November 17, 2015

GRRREAT things are happening every day at Coker Elementary!

What a MONDAY!

Whew! I want to apologize for not being able to facilitate the Green PLC meeting yesterday. I had to have my husband come and pick me up yesterday and take me home due to sickness. I really hate being absent, so I wanted to apologize to each of you for not being able to keep that meeting. Trust me though, you are glad I wasn't there! haha

11/30 - 12/4 Common Planning Meetings

Please plan to meet with Dr. James and myself during your common planning time the week of November 30th. We will use my room for the meetings.

Monday - K & 1st

Tuesday - 2nd

Wednesday - 6th & 3rd

Thursday - 4th

Friday - 5th Training Next Week

Murray County is hosting training for K-5 teachers from The training is being held at Eton Elementary Dec 1 - 3. Attendees have been selected to attend 1 session during those days. If you are a classroom teacher and you are attending, please make sure you have arranged a substitute for your day. PL forms & registration have been completed for you. You should have received an email from

Dec 1: Rogers, Clark, Powell, Roberts, P. Satterfield

Dec. 2: Stanfield, K. Bishop, Patterson, Souther, Stanley

Dec 3: H. Bishop, Brandon Headrick, Hensley, Stone

Clicker Training! Grades 3 - 6

December 1st @ 3:10pm in Ms. Goss's room

Grades 3 - 6 have CPS Clickers available for their use. To learn how to utilize these in your classroom, Mrs. Goss is going to be leading us through how she set up her classes and how she uses these with students. Mark your calendars to attend.


Dr. Terry will be with us on December 9th to offer professional development training for student use of technology. Non-Classroom teachers (Specials & ESS) will attend the first session of the day from 7:15 - 8am. ALL classroom teachers will attend during their planning that day. Arrangements for coverage will be made. This will serve as everyone's common planning time for the week of the 7th.

You Matter!

I'm going to be talking quite a bit in the coming weeks about these two words and their power - for you and your students. Here is a preview of the You Matter Manifesto!


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