Environments At Stake!

Editor: Environmental Specialist Disha Adama

Vol 3 Issue 25

Mexico is choking with air pollution, Venezuela is sinking with oil problems, and the Amazon Rainforest got put to the axe! We need your help in order to restore the environment in order to be what it was before! Join the "Nature Conservancy" to help protect Latin America's environment!

Let's Conserve The Environment!


Fortunately, we are aware of the environmental problems and working on the issues! Elder people in Mexico City are limiting activity and staying indoors. On bad pollution days, some of the factories are being closed down in order to reduce pollution. In Venezuela, companies bare inventing oil spill- free drills and technology. The government of Brazil is limiting the number of trees that you can cut down and you must have a valid purpose or ID to do so! Join our committee to help along with Latin Americans!