October Classroom Newsletter

Ms. Ponce's Pre-K Class

Important dates

October 5th-Picture Day

October 15th- Sean's birthday

October 16th- Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed Puppet show

October 20th- Field trip ( Pumpkin Patch)

October 22nd- Susie's birthday

October 30th- Report cards are sent home

October 31st-Halloween party

This Month Students Will...


Number- 5, 6, 7

Shapes- Circle, Rectangle, Triangle

Colors- Orange, Black

Social Studies

Columbus Day


Fall/Changing leaves


Five little monkeys jumping on a bed re-enactment

The biggest pumpkin ever

Peter, Peter pumpkin eater


Practice writing A-H

Practice writing their last name

Halloween Party

October 31st

All children will enjoy a fun morning of games and food. We are having pizza for lunch. Sign up sheets are located by the sign in/out sheet, along with the parent volunteer sign up sheet. No costumes or masks please!


Please check our lost and found. There is an overflow of coats and sweaters. In the past we have given the items not claimed to a charitable organization. Lost and found is located in the front office.

Don't Forget!!!

Parents and Guardians, feel free to stop by our classroom. You are encouraged to come help or simply just observe the excitement in Ms. Ponce's Pre-K class.

October 2013