Mrs. Rosenberger's Fifth Grade

March 13, 2015

Fifth Grade Fun and Learning

We had a very productive week this week! We really did get a lot accomplished, which was extra important now that we missed so much school last week.


My reading classes finished up a lesson on Main Idea and Details, expository text, and Greek and Latin root words. We practiced writing paragraphs with the main idea and details structure. For one of them, we used a picture of an ice cream cone with scoops of ice cream on top to help model the paragraph. For another one, kids got to pick a topic from the Main Ideas and Details concentration game we were playing. There was a test on Thursday, and today we started the next unit. The focus next week will be Tall Tales, synonyms and antonyms, visualizing, and author's point of view.


Lesson two of this chapter is about volcanoes and earthquakes. We had a great deal of fun using Oreo cookies to represent the crust of the earth and moving the parts of the cookies to show different types of fault lines. Next week, we'll get into a lot more detail on volcanoes and earthquakes.

Language Arts

On Tuesday, the students have a choice board due for lesson 4.3, and the test will be that day as well. We will continue with more work on pronouns next week.


Each of the other fifth grade classes have recently been given ten Chromebooks like I have had in my room. This gives us the opportunity to allow each child to have their own computers to work on in the classroom when we need them. It is wonderful, but one problem we have is that when 20 computers all are speaking at the same time, it gets quite noisy and is difficult to concentrate. If possible, could you send a pair of ear buds or head phones that your child can use? The children can take them home at the end of the year. I wouldn't send any that are expensive. Quite honestly, a pair from the Dollar General would probably work just fine. If you can't, that's fine too. I'm just trying to see if we can cut down the distractions a bit when we are all using the computers at the same time.

The Hundred Point Club is Growing!

There’s a new member of the 100 point club!!! Brody jumped over 100 points, as he led the way with the most Dojo points for the past two weeks! He joins Caitlynn, Ethan, Olivia, Sadie, Sophia, Emily, and Hailie, who have already earned over 100 Dojo points this year. Keep up the great work!

Our class has been enjoying Class Dojo all year. This program keeps track of the students' behaviors, both appropriate and inappropriate. Each week, we reset the points, and those students who have positive points for the week get to watch a small portion of a movie on Friday afternoons. Today we got to enjoy more of Horton Hears a Who.

Spring fever has definitely hit fifth grade, and oftentimes behavior can be a challenge. Let’s work together to recognize your child’s good behavior and try to improve when needed! If you lost your Class Dojo password, or if you never saw it in the first place, email me, and I'll be glad to send you another copy of it.

The New Standards

Fifth grade has always been a transition year. The students are growing and maturing socially, emotionally, and intellectually. They often struggle with balancing all these parts of their lives. In particular, the extra expectations of the fifth grade curriculum can be challenging. They are beginning to think more abstractly. They can make deeper, more meaningful connections to the material they work with. So, these skills appeared in the standards for the first time. They are more difficult because the students are being asked to use those abstract thinking skills in their work.

Now, the new standards are upon us. These standards are nothing more than a list of skills that kids in fifth grade are expected to master. The problem is, that list is quite extensive. Please take a look at the list of the language arts standards that the kids and I are responsible for this year! We have been working hard, and I have seen amazing growth in them!

So, when you and/or you child is feeling frustrated with the expectations, remember that I am right there with you, working very hard to accomplish as many of these goals as possible. PSSAs are about a month away. After that, we will be able to relax a bit, and try some new and interesting projects that review these fifth grade standards and preview some of the sixth grade ones too!

Mrs. Rosenberger

I've been teaching at Halifax Elementary for 24 years. I've taught 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades as well as computers for grades 2-6. I'm married and have two children, a daughter who is 20 and a 17-year-old son who is a senior in high school. My husband and I will be empty nesters in just a few short months! When I am not teaching, thinking about teaching, or looking for new ideas to help my teaching, I love to read and crochet.