The Children in the workhouses

by Lauryn Eldreth and Marissa Proctor

The Children in the Workhouses

This story is about the children in the workhouse .In 1847 the five-year old orphan John Rowlands became an inmate of the St.Asaph workhouse. now once your in this workhouse your family is split up. children are abused both physical and sexual. The girls start under the age of 16 and boys start under the age of 13. 12 years of age can not be punished but no male should be punished. 104 girls slept four or more in a bed in a room 88feet 16 1/2 feet wide and 7 feet high (about the size of a two bedroom house). The population of the children was 42,767 out of 97,510. Males and females were separated. They tried to make life in the workhouse was intended to be harsh. This is the story of the workhouse children.