They All Fall Down

By Roxanne St. Claire


Kenzie - Kenzie is an adventurous and brave teenage girl. Thanks to the Hottie List she is now one of the most popular girls in school. Her older brother died in a freak accident that she blames herself for happening. She is insecure and doesn't trust others easily. She is also fifth on the Hottie List.

Josh - Josh has been Kenzie's crush since they were in seventh grade. He is one of the jocks of the school. He's one of the most popular guys at school and the one all the girls want to date. His mom and his dad died in a boat accident when he was a child and lives with his very rich grandfather.

Levi - Levi is the one that everyone fears and has no friends. Nobody likes him because of his reputation. He has been to juvie for presumably hurting a girl, doing drugs, and drinking but nobody really knows what's been going on. Kenzie has also been having mixed feelings for him this year and doesn't know what to do.


The story takes place in the present

Vienna High

Kenzie's house

Josh's mansion


Kenzie is voted 5th onto the hottie list, something she never expected to happen. But a few days after they start to die and is determined to find the killer. This is external.


Kenzie is just a normal 16 year old girl going to Vienna High, but that changes when she gets 5th place on the hottie list. Doors open to the best parties and her 7th grade crush is after her. Kenzie doesn't really like being on the list. 2 days after the list comes out #1 on the list dies in a freak accident. When the 3rd girl on the list has died is when Kenzie really starts to get worried. She thinks they're is a killer on the loose who is after them and may be tied to her brother's death. Up until that day she thought her brother had just died in a freak accident and was living tormented thinking she was to blame. But that's not all. She is caught up in a love triangle between Josh and Levi. Should she go with Josh who she's had a crush on since 7th grade or should she go with Levi who makes her feel safe and protected? Will she find the killer before its her turn to die or will it be too late? Read the book to find out.