GHS Update

January 27, 2020

Neydelyn Morales and Jaidyn Sharpe.............. GHS Students of the Month

Neydelyn was nominated by Mr. Johnson and Ms. Osterman. They said, "Neydelyn is kind, caring, and very smart. She is a leader among her peers, and always exhibits a positive attitude. She not only can get her work done but she cares about helping her fellow students understand how to do the work everyday. I look forward to viewing/sharing her development here at GHS."

Jaidyn was nominated by Ms. Young and Ms. Waldo. They said, "Jaidyn Sharpe is a natural leader in the culinary arts classroom. When working in teams; he delegares responsibilities, communicates expectations, and promotes productivity by keeping members on task and on the time schedule. He is a very smart and resourceful young man, he’s always willing to help me out in the classroom and add comedic effect when the class is in a lull. His future ambitions in the culinary arts are admirable, he often asks for guidance on how to get the best resources to achieve this goal."

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Mr. Firth Speaks at TAZE

Our own, Mr. Firth, GHS Life Skills teacher, was a speaker at the TAZE (Texas Aquarium and Zoological Educators) conference last Thursday. He informed participants about the skills his students learn and the connections they make to their classroom instruction through our partnership with the Frank Buck Zoo.
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Leopards excel at NSDA

Ms. Waldo took our Leopards to Melissa to battle the heavyweights at the NSDA (National Speech and Debate) tournament this weekend. On Friday, Tucker Craft placed 1st in Lincoln Douglas debate covering the topic: whether or not states ought to eliminate nuclear arsenals. On Staurday, Harmony Rutherford and Eduardo Diaz placed 1st in Duo Interpretation. Also, Jade Conner and advanced to Finals in Prose. Andrew Carroll and Haylee Lopez reperesented the GHS, as well. Great job!!!

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Course Fair Thursday, January 30

Our annual GHS Course Fair is coming Thursday, January 30. All students and parents, including Gainesville Junior High, will get the opportunity to learn more about the different electives we offer. It run all day and give you achance to talk to instructors and see the great things they do in class.
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GHS STEM Scholars Club

Mr. Freeman's team will meet every other Monday and Tuesday (beginning Monday, 1/27/2020) from 4-6pm. Their first field trip is Tuesday, January 28 to participate in STEAM Night in Denton. Seven students will be able to attend the trip and have the chance to participate in student-led STEAM challenges.
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ASVAB Interpretation

All 125 of our students who took the ASVAB in December spent a period going over the results of their performance on the exam with Ms. Brown and Ms. Strait on Friday. Besides the results, they also looked at an interest inventory that links their skills and interests with employment potential.
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FOOD Deliveries

Students may have food brought to them from parents, guardians and family members. They may NOT order it and have it delivered.

Cell Phones

We appreciate your support as students get accustomed to the new cell phone policy. It takes an adjustment period but we will continue to keep the instructional focus in our classrooms and hallways.

Just as a reminder:

Cell phone use is prohibited in classrooms, hallways and restrooms. They must be stored or put away during the instructional day.

Cell phones are allowed to be used before 8:15 in the cafeteria AND during a student's assigned lunch period in the cafeteria.

● On the first offense and second offense, the telecommunications device shall be confiscated and then returned to the parent with a warning for the student/parent. The parent and student will sign the written warning.

● On the third offense (and incremental offenses thereafter), a $15 fine shall be required before the telecommunications device is returned. ○ A parent may elect to forgo the fine in place of an alternative deterrent.

■ If the fine is not paid, the student will be required to report to the front office to turn in their electronic device(s) each day for a period of five consecutive school days. The device(s) will be available for student retrieval at the conclusion of each school day for this situation only. All other confiscations must be retrieved by a parent and/or guardian.


Monday, January 27

JV Soccer vs. Sherman

Tuesday, January 28

Girls/ Boys BB @ Melissa

Girls/ Boys Soccer vs. Sherman

Thursday, January 30

Tennis @ Sanger

GHS Course Fair

Friday, January 31

Girls/ Boys Basketball @ Anna

Girls/ Boys Soccer @ Argyle