Burberry sweat shops

Maisie espinosa


Burberry was founded by Thomas burberry in 1856 the location of burberry sweatshops are





products produced

The products produced in burberry sweatshops consist of

•men and women's clothing





The conditions in burberry sweat shops we extremely bad young women had to bunk 4 to a room most were under the age of 16 they were sperated from their parents and most of the time the only education they had were the skills required to work an assembly line they had to eat what ever was given to them which was mostly rice

their response

The burberry company denied any accusations even with evidence found and the burberry company still uses sweatshops most of them moved to China

The affect

Sweatshops had a big impact on working conditions today since sweatshops where so popular in the 1800s now we have certain laws and regulations buissnes have to follow to prevent the abuse of sweatshops

solving the problem

Propose to other countries where sweatshops are located tonreform towards tougher restrictions and boycotting sweatshop companies for higher wages and less working hours

what I learned

I learned that there are a lot of people in other countries that are suffering everyday in harsh working conditions just for a name brand


Yes as a consumer I am concerned about the conditions people are going through just for me to wear a name brand