Crow Agency Public School

The week of September 19, 2016

"Achieving Our Dreams through Education"

The year is "a movin"

Thank you so much for all your hard work! I cannot believe that we are already close to the end of September. The rhythm of the school year is about to get started and when this happens time sure does fly and the school day can end without feeling that anything was done. Intentionality is very very important. Be prepared, teach on purpose, use methods intentionally. Make your day, do not let your school day make you.


  • please eliminate unnecessary print jobs
  • 2 lessons a unit for IEFA implementation, see google doc shared
  • Homeless Students? Give possible names to Nancy Shumway.

MEA Days

  • 10/20 Science Training, 830 am k - 2nd & 1230 pm 3rd - 5th @ the PD Building
  • 10/20 Conscious Discipline, 830 am 3rd - 5th & 1230 pm K - 2nd @ CAPS
  • 10/21 Math Training, 830 am k - 2nd & 1230 pm 3rd - 5th @ CAPS

    10/20-21 The Montana State Reading Council @ Billings MT.

    10/21-21 MEA @ Helena MT

    (Must attend and provide proof of attendance or LWOP)

Crow School

I Want To Speak Crow. Where Are You Going by Crow School


"Teach To" of the Month

Walking in the hall. Remember to catch students doing it correct and reward them. Please also send home your (2) postcards.

Native American Heritage Week

We will have some guest speakers and other activities the week of Sept. 26-30.

Parenting Classes

We are hosting Positive Parenting Classes on Monday nights here at the school. I need on person to help with childcare. If you are interested let me know. There is some funding involved.
300 Potential Teachers


The video below is humorous. Please do not take it to seriously. I thought to myself when watching, "I do not want to be one of those educators." But I fear it may be too late. :) I like the following quote: "Don't take yourself to seriously, if you do, others won't."
Hashtags: #MyTeacherIsWeird

Getting Students Attention in Class

Classroom Management Strategies To Take Control Of Noisy Students
Classroom Management Strategies to Take Control Of Noisy Students Video 2
Teach Like a Champion: Getting everyone's attention in class

Bus Changes

Parents must make arrangement before 3:00 pm, Monday to Thursday & before 1:45pm on Fridays. We want them to do this through the front office so that there is consistency. I have noticed that some parents may want to contact the classroom teacher directly. This may work, but if a teacher is absent that day, then this may put that child in a difficult situation.

Please enforce our school procedure of making changes ahead of time and going through the office so that we can keep record of such changes. If a parent contacts your via phone or any other method concerning a bus change or something similar please kindly refer them to the office.

*Whenever there is a change in a predetermined after school route we keep track of it to ensure the student makes it home safe.

"What would it look like if we thought about our students strengths, rather than just weaknesses?"

Calendar of Events

Sept 19th, Mon. -

Parenting Classes

Sept 20, Tues. -
6pm - Bingo for Books

Sept 21st, Wed. - YAM Suitcase Presentation in Cafeteria

8:30 am - 3rd grade

9:10 am - 4th grade

10:00 am - 5th grade

Sept. 22nd, Thur. -

Sept. 23rd, Fri. -

Conscious Discipline

The video below shows some of the brain science behind the philosophy of Conscious Discipline. We will have a training here at Crow School during the MEA days, books are also on order.
Dr. Becky Bailey at TEDx - Wiring the Brain for Success
Conscious Discipline Basics - Conscious Discipline Skills

What Teacher's Said this Week

5.) "My hopes for this first year are to lay the ground work for mutual respect and trust, where teachers can feel comfortable challenging me, challenging each other, and taking risks." First-year principal, Massachusetts.

4.) "My goal for my first year of teaching is to develop skills to improve classroom management, incorporate meaningful technology and learn as much as I can from my colleagues and students." First-year teacher, Delaware.

3.) "My hope is to use my experiences, skills, and talents to support teacher leadership in schools so that we can ensure high levels of learning for all." First-year principal, Michigan.

2.) "I hope my kids are smiling as much on the last day of school as they did on the first--which was a lot!" First-year teacher, Montana.

1.) "I am most looking forward to leaving my mark in the hearts of America’s future." First-year teacher, Texas.

Crow Agency Public School

Crow Agency Public School is located in the heart of Crow Country and serves grades Pre-K to 5th.

Employee Information

Please fill out the employee information form that was delivered to your mailbox. Even if your information has stayed the same we need to fill this our annually.