JROB Dugout News 4/8- 4/12/2019


Hello Robinson,

Good Day and Happy Monday!

As you know we have had Saturday School this year as additional support. This past Saturday was our13th Saturday this school year, each Saturday we have between 108-120 students. The students who come are very consistent, surprisingly our 8th-grade group is very consistent. These group of 8th graders really care about wanting to do well and even when they don't get it they don't give up and persevere through; which makes me very proud and humbled by their efforts.

As I was about to close the gate Saturday a taxi comes up in the turn about and one of our 8th graders gets out and pays the driver. I literally wanted to cry because at that very moment I knew why we had and need Saturday school for additional support. This student and her family felt it was important enough for her to be here. This student is not an "A" student but she tries really hard and at the end that's all we can ask...to put on foot in front of the other and eventually you will get to the top.

Yes, education is the only way to support our society at large...#thisiswhywedothis.



42 Day Schedule

Click the link

Dr. Deena Brown - Staff Collaboration 4/10

Supporting the African-American students to success through relationships, high expectations, and cultural understanding.

Dr. Deena will support us in digging deeper into our focused work to support our students' success.

SBAC Schedule & Testing Information

SEE/VIEW Dr. Hosn's email from 4/7 for "specific" schedule and time of testing directions.

Last day to give any IABS...April 18

Testing/Ethics Meeting - May 1 (3rd - 8th Grade teachers) w/ Dr. Hosn

SBAC ELA: May 6 -10

SBAC MATH: May 13 -17

SBAC SCIENCE: May 20 - 24

SBAC MAKEUPS: 5/13, 5/20-24

SBAC countdown: "PROFICIENCY" is our only GOAL!!

CAASP Resources: Click the Embedded Link

April is Growth Mindset month at Jackie Robinson!

Go to the Community Kindness Classroom for GROWTH MINDSET CALENDAR

Useful Apps for CHROME BOOKS via Tech Tuesday - 4/9

4/9 - APP Smash - Team Robinson

Time: 2:30 - 3:30 Where: JROB Library

-Voluntary buttttttt ohhhhhhh soooooo worth your time!!!

-For every session you attend, you will be entered into a raffle for a "free/sub release" workday, where a sub will take your class and you can do planning/grading!!

19-20....Inquiring Minds want to know...

What is the purpose of assessment?

Summative vs Formative?

What could a "Literacy Profile" tell you vs a "Benchmark" for a students' literacy proficiency?.....

May 1, 2019....K-2 be ready for the discourse?

Last RAPID/CORE 5 Assessment - Due Date Information

  • The window is open from April 1st - June 15th.
  • There must be at least 6 weeks between the Winter and Spring Administration (the last day of Winter administration was March 2nd).
  • Kinder, 1st-grade and 2nd-grade teachers are not required to administer the optional comprehension portions of the RAPID Screener.
  • Ideally, all students will have completed the RAPID Screener before the final PD (April 30, May 1st, or May 2nd). We will look at the data together and this PD will be much more meaningful with 3 data points.

ST MATH/Jiji Weekly Progress

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Carnival Info Be Informed and Be Ready to Have Fun on Wed - 4/17

Team Robinson is getting EMERGENCY ready!!!!

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Dramatic Results...Drumming the experiences of CIVIL RIGHTS with ACTIVIST Ms. Knight

4th Graders..."Book Tasting" Launching Book Clubs

7th Grade SCIENCE CAMP....From the textbook to real life application


Submit all your classroom and grade level photos for this year's JROB Yearbook to the following Instagram account:


Please ensure you indicate your grade level or with the photos...NEED ALL PHOTOS BY APRIL 18!!!!

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