The Laundry Beast

The beast who feasts on clothes

The beast

Behind the door

rumbling the house floor,

is an enormous old beast.

Waiting to feast.

Every time it gobbles clothes,

its body wobbles, like a penguin.

When its done, it makes a sound.

Thats when my mom, looks around.

"Nirali, fold the clothes, from the laundry."

I rolled my eyes and wandered.

I went to find a safe place to hide,

I wouldn't do the laundry....

I wouldn't do the laundry.... even if I had to die!

I ran to my room,

and hid behind my broken broom.

I scurried into my dark closet,

and hid behind the composite1.

I went to the sink,

and saw my pet skink1,

whose yellow spots were the sun.

That's when I realized,

I couldn't hide from my mom.

She came up close,

and signaled, " Go do the clothes!"

I frowned and stood up,

but not a sound had come out.

I went to beast, and opened its mouth,

focusing only, on getting the clothes out.

It roared like a beast,

It snored like a beast.

I took out the clothes,

and looked back once more,

It wasn't a beast, instead stood in front...

a Washer....

Now everyday I do the laundry,

I turn turn back and look...

making sure there's no beast.

Just a washer.

composite1- a plant

skink1- a lizard

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