Chimpanzees dying one by one

Help save the chimpanzees before it's too late

chimpanzees are like humans

Chimpanzees are like humans in many ways. they use tools in there everyday life. They use sticks with no bark to eat insects.They also use giant leaves for umbrellas.

We need to save chimpanzees before they go extinct.

We need to save chimpanzees before they are extinct.they are the closest species to humans.If they go extinct we won't have anymore buddies.I think one way to help save chimpanzees are to make no hunting chimpanzees laws.

Chimpanzees are very smart

  • chimpanzees get branches with no bark and stick the into an ant hole to get food.
  • they make good homes on trees to get away from predators.
  • and they stay in groups for safety.
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by Maddox Rahimi