Digital Flyer

By: Sean Cuckler

Bessemer Process

The Bessemer Process was one of the cheapest and easiest ways to to mass produce from molten pig iron prior to the open birth furnace. The way that they did it was they would remove all the impurities from the iron by oxidation. They would blow air through the molten iron.
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Sherman Antitrust Act

Also known as the competition law was passed under the presidency of Benjamin Harrison in 1890. It prohibited certain buisness practices that were deemed to be anti-competitive. It required the federal government to investigate and pursue trusts.
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Tenement Housing

Tenement housing dived the social classes dramatically the poor were walking Matt of the rich, the poor dos all the work. They were run down over crowded
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Political Bosses

Political bosses have jobs housings and certain favors in return for a vote. Most of the people voting for them were immigrants and the poor. They were all part of a political machine at Tammany Hall. They also made deals with various contractors.
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