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Kick Start

Welcome to September

First of all, congratulations on a fantastic August. As a team, we sold almost $6,000 total. That's about $430 per person! See what we can do if we all work together? I've got great happy mail for everyone if we top $7000 in September. And speaking of September, fall is in the air! Did you know it's the beginning of our biggest selling season? We do over 55% of our sales in the last five months of the year. And with this great new catalog it should be a great season for everyone. Our September special is fantastic! With every $35 spent, a customer can select either a Deluxe Utility Tote for $15.00 or the new Double Up Crossbody for $10.00. Hostesses get their choice of Square Storage Bin AND Super Soft Blanket for $35 or free with a $600+ party.
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Making an Impact

Top Sales - August

1. Kara Mahan - $658.00

2. Brittany Murphy - $648.00

3. Genevela Moon - $484.0

4. Dawn Grezeszak - $461.00

5. Karyl Haden - $403.00


1. Dawn & Kara - tied with 2

2. Brittany, Genevela, Chelsea, Nancy, Felecia, Keavy, Karyl and Lesley - tied with 1

Top Dream Builders - August

1. Kara Mahan - 1 (Lesley)
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Total Team Stats

Sales - $5,913.00

Parties - 14

Team Size - 15

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Our Newest Jolt-ettes!

1. Lesley Thorne - 8/17/15. Sponosr - Kara. Lives in Honolulu, HI

2. Genevela Moon - 8/15/15. Sponsor - Julie. Lives in Parker, CO

3. Britany Murphy - 7/24/15. Sponsor - Julie. Lives in Aurora, CO

4. Karyl Haden - 7/1/15. Sponsor - Jennifer Saunders. Lives in Brighton, CO

5. Kara Mahan - 6/30/15. Sponsor - Stephanie Brewster. Lives in Frederick, CO

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Congrats to everyone celebrating this month!!

1. Nancy Perales - 2 years with Thirty One on Sept. 16!

2. Kara Mahan for earning her first two Startswells!

3. Brittany Murphy for earning her first Startswell and well on the way to her second!

4. Brittany and Kara for both becoming quaified consultants!!

5. Stephanie Brewster who is halfway to becoming a Senior Consultant!

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latest and greatest from Thirty One

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Julie Feichtinger - Director

I will begin our consultant spotlight segment. I've been a thirty One consultant for three years. I signed up in September 2012 and it's been a whirlwind journey for me. I've learned so much about myself, some good, some not so good. I've learned to find joy in my work, that celebrating others raises me up, and that sharing in my team's success fills my cup. I am married (13 years this month) to Paul who is a pilot in both the Air Force and for Southwest Airlines. We have a 10 year daughter Lauren (or Lolo) who fills my days with happiness and joy. She's in 5th grade. We also have a dog, Roxie, who keeps me company all day long. I'm so proud to have every one of you on the team and I can't wait to watch us continue to grow.

Crash Course

Did you know you can get monthly special fliers delivered right to your house every month? Yes, you can! From TOT, click on "my profile" from the home page. Then click "view profile in virtual office." From the home tab, click on "subscriptions" and follow the directions from there. It's much cheaper to do this option if you are having several home parties a month. You pay $10.50 every three months and a pack of 25 is delivered to your door - no additional shipping! Just stamp and start using!