Evolution of Friends

By: Charley Bunker (May contain Spoilers)

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The Explanation

Friends is a TV show from the time period of 1994-2004. There are originally 5 friends but then Rachel gets sympathy because she left her husband at the alter. Monica and Ross are brother and sister. Chandler lived across the hall and he lets this new guy Joey move in. Monica and Rachel were in high school together. Phoebe is a mystery and always will be.


Chandler starts off living across the hall. He is thought to be gay through most of the show. His dad is a drag queen. His mom writes books. Chandler is an only child and is missing one toe. He was Ross' friend through college. He gets married to Monica and they adopt twins.


Joey loves food. If Joey ever gets mad at you, give him a sandwich. Chandler and Joey had a pet chick and duck. Joey started off being an unsuccessful actor, but goes on to be on a TV show and stars in his own TV show.


Monica is the hated child. Chandler called her fat, so she cut off his toe. She gets a Porsche from her dad because he destroyed all of her childhood memories. She has lived with Ross, Phoebe, Rachel, and Chandler. She married Chandler and they adopt twins.


Phoebe's dad abandon her and her family. Her mother committed suicide. Phoebe's only family member, her twin sister, hates her. Phoebe grew up living on the streets. She mugged Ross. Phoebe had her brother's triplets. She starts dating a guy that doesn't want to marry her. They end up getting married outside during a blizzard.


Rachel was very spoiled when she came to the city. She left her soon to be husband at the alter. She has a daughter with Ross. She loves working in fashion. Rachel married Ross when they were drunk in Vegas. They got divorced soon after. THEY WERE NOT ON A BREAK!


Ross was mugged. He got married three times (all failed marriages). He has one son with his first wife (who is a lesbian). Ross also has a daughter with Rachel (his third failed marriage). He kissed Chandler's mom. Ross owned an illegal primate. He didn't tell his wife that they were married. He is the golden child despite all this. He has always been in love with Rachel ever since High School. THEY WERE ON A BREAK!
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