Albert Einstein

By Sullivan Jones

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Albert Einstein was born in Württemberg, Germany, on March 14, 1879. Six weeks after being born his family moved to Munich, Germany's largest city. When Albert was five he received a compass, and was fascinated by the way the needle always pointed north. He later said that experience "Made a deep and lasting impression" on him. He entered a Catholic elementary at the age of six although his family was moderately Jewish. He disliked the absolute obedience expected at the school, but he got good grades in math and science with average grades in other classes despite the popular belief of him doing bad in school. In his teens he went through a phase being devoutly religious followed by his resentment of organized religion and dogma.

He and his parents lived in Italy for some time and eventually moved to Zurich, Switzerland for school. Einstein graduated from Zurich Polytechnic in August 1900. For the next few years he worked temporary teaching positions while working on the kinetic theory of gases. Some of the most productive years of his career were 1903-1905 when he published a few papers that would change everyone's understanding of physics. They were Brownian motion, quantum theory, and special relativity. In the mid to late 1910's he worked on the general theory of relativity. In the early 1920's, a group of anti-Semitic fanatics led by Paul Weyland discredited relativity as a "Jewish theory". In 1921 he won a Nobel Prize for his work on quantum theory. Einstein spent the 1920's participating in several peace campaigns and writing articles on international peace and disarmament. He was invited to the League of Nations Committee on Intellectual Cooperation and was disappointed when the League of Nations did not accomplish their goals. He went back to religion (in a nontraditional way) and became a prominent activist for the education of Jews and remained one for the rest of his life

Who Was Albert Einstein

Video Questions

1. What year was Einstein's "miracle year"?

2. Why did Einstein turn down the opportunity to become the president of Israel?

Einstein's Impact

Albert Einstein gave us a greater understanding of the universe and ironically helped create the atom bomb.