Environmental Technician


The job of an environmental science and protection technician includes the tasks of performing laboratory and field tests to monitor the environment, investigating sources of pollution, collecting samples of gases, soil, water, and other materials for testing, recording test data and preparing reports that interpreting test results, providing information and technical assistance to government representatives, making recommendations to control or eliminating unsafe conditions, and inspecting sanitary conditions at public facilities.


The median salary in Nebraska is $51,550 a year, with the hourly wage being $24.78. The national median salary is $41,240, with a median hourly wage of $19.83. There is also a 19% increase in the job outlook.
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Qualifications for this job are up to the employers, as different employers have different preferences for applicants. However, a most science technicians have a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, biology, or forensic science.
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Job Overview: Environmental Technician

Environmental Engineering Technicians Job Description
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